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Im stress


New Member
I just wanted to vent about something. Im one week away from finishing college and I'm almost there but I'm so tired of everything. I've always been slower than my classmates everything takes so much more work and I'm tired. I don't plan on giving up but I hate my brain I haven't had a full night of sleep because of how long things take me to finish. I think I'm running on 4 hours of sleep right now but I can't sleep because I have an assignment that I want to finish. Not only that I have a class in the morning so I cant sleep for too long. Im sure you guys understand I wouldn't mind hearing your guy's complaints about life so I can have something to read later to level myself.
I've always had a problem with school work. I struggled with it all the time. After a few times of doing so, I've learned to not ask my parents for help.

My stepmother was only going to want me to do my homework HER way, or it was met with screaming, yelling, and name calling.

My Dad just half-heartedly helped. More often, than not, distracted by other things. I had to repeat things constantly.

So I opted to struggle alone. Even if it took me all night to do. Because I couldn't trust my parents to actually help me. They didn't care enough, when it came to me anyway.

But it explains why I hated high school. I hated every second of it. It was different from what came before in alot of ways.

- Students are no longer children.

- It's the bridging point between grade school and college.

- All the classes just get harder to learn.

- All the socail interaction, drama, and hormones.

It's a alien world comparatively to what came before. And that is... so uncomfortable. Sometimes I think of how glad I am to not go to college. It would of gotten so much worse for me.

Now though? IDK.
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