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If u could undo things in the past would you?


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I definitely have my doubt's and regrets and worries lately
In some ways I feel like my life is getting is getting happy and whole again.
But other stuff is breaking my heart and annoying me to death.
I miss the old me before I embarked on certain journeys
I was proud of certain things I did achieve, could do some things, was myself even though unwell, hss certain freedom. It is hard to not regret the psst when things have not gone well for you.
I always loved my faith in God and thought it gave me a greater light but lately it has gone a lot down hill with autistic behaviour and box sitting and being attacked on personal things like a nothing
I do not want to wreck my life over the tginbs that annoy me so my family is not ok
But sometimes I just drown in it.
I’m not really sure
I like where I am now, and I’m not sure if that would’ve happened if it wasn’t for the past

Of course, there are some rough patches where I would’ve never wanted to be in these scenarios like, for example, being abused in certain places, not going into detail this time I made some posts about it already

Also, I would’ve wanted to trying to stay in my first high school that I was in saying goodbye to a few friends before they moved ext

But as I said, it may not be perfect because I know life even unexpectedly sometimes changes , even if things seem perfect but I am very blessed and happy where I am
I would definitely change how I was as a teenager so that I wouldn't have been so socially isolated. It wasn't that I was clueless, but I just seemed to be very set in my ways and wouldn't change even though I wanted friends. I really hate my teenage self.
So many things. That would be lovely, if someone has a time machine, let me know.
Do they not have these available in Norway yet?

I'll try to send you one. But you'll have to find your own plutonium.
I have thought a lot about whether I would have chosen to go to med school if I had the knowledge of myself I had today.

Reason one: I have the intelligence to excel in my field, but unfortunately the demands put on medical professionals are too strenuous for me to handle long term. I simply cannot complete specialist training because it’s not a sustainable course of action for me, I will burn out at some point.

I can keep up for a few months in most new jobs, and then the wheels come off. There’s a lot of job openings that I am a great candidate for on paper, but for health reasons I cannot take these. It makes me sad and it makes me wish I had chosen another career path so the possibilities wouldn’t be taunting and tempting me.

Reason two: I put myself in a lot of debt, studying medicine. I couldn’t work while in med school (the hours simply wouldn’t allow it) and I figured I would have no trouble paying off that debt once I became a medical doctor, since they make good money.
That was not an odd thought (most of us reasoned the same) but unfortunately, my specific sensitivities make it highly unlikely I will ever be working in any of the specialties that make a lot of money. And I won’t be working full time either. So for now I spend a sizable chunk of my monthly disability check on paying off loans for a career that never really took off.
Hindsight is 20/20. I wish I knew then what I knew now.

If I knew then what I know now:
(1) I would have interacted with people differently
(2) I would have been more financially responsible
(3) I would have taken better care of my health
Absolutely. But in reality, most times it's because I avoided a gamble. Anyone can rue not betting on a winner.
Only certain things that happened in the past such as saving people who didn’t deserve to die or telling people that their mistakes will affect the future in a negative way.
When I play  Civilization, a turn-based game, I play with autosave enabled each turn.

It's nice to have the benefit of hindsight and to try things differently.

But to apply that to reality is different.

Life is a journey. Everything we do or doesn't do sends us on a different path.

And whereas a computer or video game has certain "win" parameters defined, that is not so in life. We each play our own games (live our own lives), and they're open ended until they end one day. Victory, should we choose to define it, is up to each individual.

If one could do things differently and retain what they know / learned each time, then I suppose life might be the movie Groundhog Day, where one keeps replaying (reliving) until a certain desired result. But that might lead to trauma in its own way, in constantly questioning oneself.

Are there certain things I know I could have done differently which would have put me on a different track altogether? Yes.

If we don't get to bring back any knowledge, I don't know where those journeys might have ended.

While my life is far from perfect, and I have my share of what-if's, like Jenisautistic and Rodafina, I'm okay with the journey I've been on and what I've learned and the people I met along the way, including some valued friends and connections here.

I don't think I'd like to give that up on a roll of the dice.
Yes, there are a few things I would definitely change if I could go back. Wish I thought of the consequences, which would have stopped me.
I like to think that I would undo some of the mistakes that I've made. Being realistic, I'd also probably find a way to make some new mistakes too. :(
Yes, there are a few things I would definitely change if I could go back. Wish I thought of the consequences, which would have stopped me.
I like to think mistakes were better without consequences how freeing.
God should punish those who abuse their power on purpose
I wish I could undo things for freedom of regret and blame and
So my life felt much more in control and I felt safe and that things were moving in the right direction towards happy endings
Me too but do not forget things can go drastically wrong when u alter the fabric of time even moving or changing one little thing.
And u may still not be able to undo mistakes.

I would at least just like to go back 20-25 years and ring my doorbell, look myself right in the eye when I open the door and tell me "if you don't stop being stupid, I will Kick. Your. Butt!". ;)
I would at least just like to go back 20-25 years and ring my doorbell, look myself right in the eye when I open the door and tell me "if you don't stop being stupid, I will Kick. Your. Butt!". ;)
Yeah well autistics are often smart but stupid so we have to get used to it.
I wish I would think rationally but do not know how to
I often wish someone would take my hand and say this is what will happen or give me a written guidebook sometimes I get scared if I had the guidebook I'd still get scared but hopefully not.
I wish I could find people and situations that did not want to hurt me but treated me well and made my wildest dreams come true.

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