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I wrecked my car


So buzz off!
V.I.P Member
I haven't been on here in a while because I didn't have my laptop with me. 20 December, the day before I was to leave for my dental surgery, I was in the parking lot of the South Medford Walmart, trying to turn from the main driveway into the parking space area, when a woman walked in front of my car unexpectedly, forcing me to brake. Then a bunch of other people decided to follow her. In addition, the sun was just rising and there was lots of glare.

I must have unknowingly let my foot off the brake because there was suddenly a huge BANG!!!! I had run into one of the sign poles in the parking lot. At this Walmart the metal sign poles are encased in concrete to about 3 feet off the ground. My car had a huge V shaped dent in the front. I had to call a tow truck to take me to Lithia Motors's body shop, the only reputable body shop in the Rogue Valley. I then had to have somebody drive me to Rogue Valley Airport where the car rental places are. I was lucky to find a Nissan Sentra sedan for rent to get to Sacramento the next day.

So, I've been here in Sacramento without a car since 21 December. I had to have my uncle drive me to Medford on 11 January to get my stuff out of my car, which the insurance company totaled. (I also had to stop by home to grab a few things, including my laptop.)The insurance company says they will give me $7200 for my 2016 Hyundai Accent 5 door, which will be a downpayment on a Kia Soul from Hertz Car Sales, since compact hatchbacks are no longer sold in America. (Hertz is a rental car agency that sells their fleet cars after two years of use. Hertz takes really good care of their fleet so used Hertz fleet cars are desirable. My Hyundai was a Hertz car.)
Glare + pedestrians + disorientation sounds so dangerous. I'm glad no one was hurt. Good luck with your new car.
Unfortunate time to have an accident in California...much like Nevada. With or without punitive increases in premiums based on accidents and/or moving violations.

Mine just went up 13.5% without any penalties.

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Sorry to hear about that... Sun glare is nasty, I've dealt with that lots

At least you are okay, and that everyone else was okay
That's tough. Glad you are okay. Nobody was hurt. Parking lots are extremely dangerous. Good luck with getting your next car.
@Judge: 16.5% premium hike, in addition to whatever hike I will get for having a Kia. I'm hoping to get a 2022 which was the first year for engine immobilizers to combat the Kia Boyz meme where you could rip off the steering shaft cover, break off the ignition cylinder, then start the car with a USB cable or screwdriver. My Accent was susceptible, so all Hyundai North America did was hand out steering wheel locks. :rolleyes: I hope that with a 2022 model that the additional increase won't be too bad.

I had to mail the title to an address in Oklahoma City via FedEx (label included by the insurance co). It was flown to Memphis then got caught in the ice storm. It's anybody's guess as to how long it will take to get to OKC. :oops:
The insurance money came through yesterday (18 January) so mom and I went to Hertz Car Sales in Roseville and bought a 2022 Kia Soul with 28000 miles for $15700. I have to get the car formally put on the insurance policy, then I want to take it to the Kia dealer in Roseville to have it thoroughly checked out, then I need to buy snow chains in Pollock Pines, then my uncle and I will put in a battery trickle charger for cold weather. I hope to be able to head home Monday 29 January. I was worried I would be stuck in Sacramento until well into February.
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