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I would like to ask for help testing alternative care practices.

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Seth York

New Member
Good day,
I believe autism sufferers' main issues are extreme exhaustion that won't let them access memory and speech areas of the brain (causing decreased cognitive function), and horrible constipation.
I would like to put forth some methods that could hopefully alleviate these issues:
First, I propose watermelon juice and high doses of vitamin C. Cispa Hospital has great results treating cancer with a vitamin C regimen.
Second, Cordycep mushrooms as they might affect hidden copper levels as well. Vitamin C chelates copper and you would be surprised by the smell of the stool a high dose of vitamin C manifests.

Lastly, I want to propose that they may be suffering from arthritis ( which can be tested with an x-ray of their backs), and migraines. Autistic behaviour mimics what migraine sufferers do to alleviate their attacks rather closely ( I urge you to compare them for yourselves.)
They like nature and peace. They also like lemonade; so I recommend giving them the vitamin C in lieu of lemon in tea sweetened with agave nectar or honey. Please don't think they will fight you on this because all children are very intelligent and they will appreciate any help that may ease pain opposed to mitigating irritable behavior. I believe they are in terrible pain, after all.
I appreciate you listening to me as I suffer from arthritis and migraines as well. Please have a wonderful day.

Seth York

P.S. Those suffering from autism have an extremely sharp wit that they do not cut people with. So if my suggestions help; be prepared to deal with a joi de vrie you might not have expected.
P.P.S. If these suggestions help you or your loved ones; please pass them on to support groups I might not be aware of. God bless.
"Those suffering from autism have an extremely sharp wit that they do not cut people with."

A. Not all ASD people experience themselves as "suffering from autism."
B. I believe your estimation of ASD individuals as having "sharp wit that they do not cut people with"
is optimistic, but naive.

C. You refer to "children" as if every autistic person is a child.
D. Alleging that "they" like lemonade is just obscure. Some people like lemonade and some don't.

Your suggestions don't seem harmful (except for the watermelon. Personally, that would be a
problem for me, because it would adversely affect my blood sugar), but they don't appear to be
particularly well researched either.
Welcome to the forums. I have read your story, I regret to inform you that I don’t agree with anything you have written.
Also, as a medical professional, I would like to comment that vitamin C is not a valid cancer treatment, nor does it treat symptoms of autism.
Watermelon is tasty in my book, but I wouldn’t bet on it’s medicinal use. Nor is lemonade or vitamin C with agave syrup a cure for irritable behavior or migraines.
l like this advice, am l suppose to sit on the watermelon and take the vitamin C and this will help solve constipated migraines, l can't sit on watermelons, my constipated behind is arthritic today, maybe tomorrow l will try this. Do l leave the seeds in before l sit on it? ;)

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