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I think I may be loosing my mind


Well-Known Member
Hello everyone, idk where to start, I have been dealing with a bad situation lately, like for the past 2 months and I may be starting become desperate/irrational for signals everything is going to be ok.

I tried meditation and for sometime was nice but I constantly look for answers, for the last 3 weeks since I started meditation and manifestation (law of attraction) I started to see sinchronicities or series of numbers; 11:11; 10:00, 222, 333, 111, etc.

I look for the meaning of those numbers on internet and while they bring comfort idk if that's correct and rational.
Can you say more about what you are going through? Are you talking about personal problems you are up against? Or do you mean the pandemic, which does seem to be on its way to be okay now we have vaccines.

Are you getting out for walks in the fresh air? If not try to distract yourself by getting exercise. Also make sure you are eating and getting sleep.

The numbers you posted have no particular meaning btw, I can't see any point really in them, what do you think?
I had a similar situation with numbers and anxiety, I had to look up the numbers to me they meant nothing but randomly I came back to the same numbers 10,29,28 it just felt calming.
conspiracy/pattern recognition stuff is ok as long as you don't take it too seriously, just keep it light. strange coincidences are part of life, but don't let it dominate your thinking.
"signals everything is going to be ok"

Not sure what you mean by this? And what do the numbers have to do with anything? Numbers don't have "meanings" outside of mathematics. Maybe you have a bit of apophenia going on. (google it)
I don't want to like give details about what I am struggling, but it could also be related to this pandemic lockdown. Even when there was no pandemic I didn't go outside much, driving to university and having real clases and conversations was my way of having social life; but since march when lockdown started where I live, all classes are online; Im working in my graduation project online with a remote connection to university's server and as I only having 2 classes (graduation project and another one) the social working side has decreased alot.

I live with my parents and while I can relate in a conversation to them I really feel i need conversations with my age peers, or someone with kind of my same hobbies. I somethimes text a couple of old friends by whatsapp but I don't want to disturbe them much because they work from home.

Also, I started to search for a spiritual life side; for the last 5 years I abandonned any religion or spiritual believe because "I was mad and disappointed at God and religion" but even as I was kind of happy I just realized a lot of things I wanted or cherished never worked because I was atractting negative stuff, I wasn't thinking possitive and I was sending that message to other people wheter I wanted or not.

I know it sounds irrational, but have you enter a room and suddenly feel something in the air?, like a feeling, like the energy when you go to a burial or going to a happy party; you don't need words to know whats the feeling, the vibe there, you just feel it.
The pandemic is hurting most people. The people who already had problems now have more. Nobody likes being alone involuntarily, including natural loners.

I'm usually upbeat but recently had a powerful all-day crying jag stimulated by something as stupid as failed straps on a backpack. It wasn't the pack that had made me sad but it started a cascade of bad memories and self-judgment that just wouldn't stop until it burned itself out. I'm usually tough as leather but there are moments of emotional fragility.
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