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Gentle & brave earthling
I’m dating this guy that I’m starting to highly suspect his an aspie too, anyway, that’s not the matter of this thread. He proposed that we should write a science fiction story together.

I proposed a dystopian universe and now he’s proposing these two ideas. I can’t decide, so I’m asking for your help.

Please cast your vote! Your feedback is also appreciated, as well as other ideas that you might come up with.
Dystopian. Interesting.

1. What kind of future is it? How important is that person? A potential to create a thrilling, emotional story.
2. What's the reason for being sent/getting sick/powered? What kind of planet is it and what kind of world is the home-planet? A potential for creation of new, original world with it's own species and quirks. Although a great risk of just repeating was has already been written. And sounds kind of cheesy. Although, for example, rebellion of super-powered slaves... hm.

Some more info on both?
I think the first one is more plausible. You can spend less time waving your hands to explain the premise and more quickly get to the story where you deal with the implications of the premise.
I ve forgotten what I was going to say does that mean someone I know has travelled to the future?
Both :)

If you did 2, you could initially make a play on discrimination from one of three perspectives:

a) People at home have a disease, the healthy are sent away. The healthy catch a virus and mutate. A cure arises from this. They try to come back and save the diseased but are treated as 'immigrants' and rejected. The people at home kill themselves with hate.
b) People sent away are chosen on a discriminatory basis, mentally ill, religion, looks, so much to choose from! But contract a disease that gives them superpowers and become the superpower, seeking vengeance against those who sent them away
c) Australia. People send the criminals away but the criminals thrive and the people want in.

This is a pretty awesome documentary:

Also, these are dead handy for novel writing:

Story Structure in Harry Potter: How Rowling Became a Billionaire by Following the Rules (Pt I)

How to Structure Scenes in Your Story (Complete Series) - Helping Writers Become Authors
I liked the first plot line because it offers
possibilities of intense and confused
person to person interactions.

The sick/super powers story line seems stale, to me.
And too much like a sociology lesson.

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