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How I would improve bad movies

Captain Jigglypuff

*On Vacation. Now go away!*
V.I.P Member
I was watching a review for Quest for Camelot and how there was promise of a good movie that was completely ruined by poor choices during production. I’ve decided to make some changes that I think would improve the movie.

The basic plot point of Excalibur still occurs but this time Ruber has always been an evil knight and has his own fellow knights that fight with him. Bladebeak is present from the start and is a comic relief creature of unknown origins that obeys Ruber’s commands out of fear and is abused constantly. Kayley is less whiny and more level headed in this version of the movie. Garrett is changed to have been born blind but he has the power to see auras in the form of light and this is how he survives in the woods by himself. Devon and Cornwall have the largest change in the movie. They are now two separate dragons with different voice actors. Devon is now voiced by Tim Curry and is a pacifist and highly intellectual. Cornwall is voiced by Dom Deluise and is a cowardly dragon who is constantly anxious about everything. They are outcasts from dragon society as they refuse to fight any knights which is a very huge deal in a dragon’s life in their culture. Survive a fight with a knight and you are considered to be a real dragon. Devon refuses because he believes that fighting is barbaric and he is above it and Cornwall is terrified of the idea of fighting a guy clad in metal wielding a sword. Kayley pleads with them to help her retrieve Excalibur and they refuse at first but then Kayley discovers a loophole in the dragon tradition of fighting knights and says that there is no rule saying that the knights have to be good as the rule says that the dragon must fight a knight but not the kind of knight. By fighting Ruber and his evil knights, the dragons would be helping with saving the day and be able to be accepted by the othpers as being real dragons. Devon and Cornwall recognize this is a very good point and decl that they will help Kayley and Garrett. Bladebeak eventually has enough of being abused that he switches sides and is the one that leaves the door open so that the heroes can break into the castle. I can’t think of anything else I’d change right now.
There are a lot of bad movies out there that I would not change for anything in the world, though.

Check out Plan 9 From Outer Space if you want to know what I mean.
I like 'view from the top' Gwyneth paltrow and when I ass younger I actually liked 'where the heart is' Natalie Portman
Austin powers and the spy who snagged me
Some movies that some people consider bad are 'cult' favorites like Grease 2 and A things like 90s movies like dude where's my car.
A lot of movies in the 90s that peoples consider bad are very funny and probably cult favorites
Or you could just add the Dynamic Duo! They are like bacon.


One bad movie I would improve is The Godfather Part III. I would replace Sofia Coppola with another actress.
While I'm probably cheating as this one hasn't come out yet, the trailer is one of those that basically gives the whole movie away anyway.
The film is called Something In The Water and is another 'sharksploitation' film that is described as "Jaws meets Bridesmaids"

Here's the trailer for those who are interested.
Warning: Contains blood and bad language:

While I could make comments on how the trailer is making these characters look like a bunch of annoying idiots (since they may not have told anyone where they were going and one of their group doesn't admit until after they get into trouble at sea that she can't swim), the thing that's bugging me most - weirdly enough - is the title and premise.

With the title "Something" In The Water, why did the filmmakers just lazily use another Great White Shark (something a lot of this type of movie does) instead of having something different that neither the characters nor the audience discover the truth about until later?
The "something" in this case could be a type of mermaid or sea fae, a folklore/mythological creature (like maybe a type of Ocean Dragon), an aquatic alien, a mutation/escaped genetic experiment, a prehistoric creature long thought extinct or something else entirely - all of which would offer some story variations and allow for more creativity than just copying Spielberg's work again.

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