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You know, that one lady we met that one time.
V.I.P Member
Everyone has got something in their lives that they wish would just go away.

What would you like the "moderators" to delete?
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Also l need my credit card bills deleted,my last year of high school deleted, and the last 10 years of my life deleted. Please please pm me when it's complete.

@Yeshuasdaughter - good idea.☺ Maybe you could just change this to what do you need to delete........
While I'd like to delete the stupid invisible gremlin that constantly follows me around causing neck and arm pain.

He is a bit of a jerk.

There's a few stoplights I'd like to delete too.
Hey, can you guys delete the leafblowers that are going to be screaming outside my bedroom window tomorrow morning at six?
You guys don't have to delete it, but could you at least significantly edit the crazy psycho dog that lives next door?

Every time anyone passes by him, and the owners are walking him, he lunges for the innocent passers-by, growling, and snarling his teeth.

If it's kosher by you, I'd like to get to New Years without being eaten.

Plus, he wakes me up at two a.m., snarling at the dumpster divers walking through the parking lot. Can you edit them too?

Thanks in advance! Let me know what you think about this? It's super important.
Actually, what I need is a repost.

That rotisserie chicken was so dang good! I regret that we ate it all. Can you repost it?
I've got another one.

I could use a bit of assistance in deleting Windows and replacing it with... er... a version of Windows that doesnt suck.

Though this would probably present quite the challenge as you'd have to go get it from an alternate dimension where the Windows development team ISNT entirely made up of lobotomized monkeys with hammers.

What's that? Just downgrade? No no no. In THIS dimension... they all suck. They always have. Those are some OLD monkeys.
Please delete my middle child dog’s urges to mount me when I wake up in the morning. She is 100lbs. She thinks it’s a game. I think it’s a violation.
You guys don't have to delete it, but could you at least significantly edit the crazy psycho dog that lives next door?

Every time anyone passes by him, and the owners are walking him, he lunges for the innocent passers-by, growling, and snarling his teeth.
I have exactly this problem too. Crazy dog that barks non-stop, at the slightest provocation. Drives me mad. I don't wish that the dog be deleted, but that they do something about it - it hasn't been neutered and has aggressive behaviour.
A couple of weeks ago, it mysteriously disappeared.
But no, don't worry, it hadn't been 'deleted': they had taken it to some kind of dog boot camp, where they train badly behaved dogs to be good dogs. It came back a couple of days ago, and is now much quieter.

Please delete tobacco smoking of any kind - it causes too much illness, disease and cancer to be allowed to exist. Also other drugs like heroine, meths and cocaine. Too many deaths, either from the drugs themselves, or stemming from the nature of their illegal trade.

Delete cancer.

Delete Covid, let's get back to normal.

There's actually a story by Philip K. Dick where this happens, someone is given the power to delete anything they want in the world. She deletes one thing she is dissatified with, but soon something else begins to annoy her. So she deletes that, too. Then another thing, then another. Until there is nothing left.
Delete my physical pain and the health problem that causes it.
I really want to live an active life again. :penguin:
So many things! I would like the mods to remind everyone to have their address on their mailbox AND their house, especially since the Christmas mailing season is upon us. Also please delete dogs immediate distrust of mailmen and delivery drivers. I would like about 250k miles off my jeep and 20 years of aches and pains off my body. Thanks!
I am 54, would you please delete my adult acne? Enough already!

And please delete the odd attitude some people have about "the needs and wants of Americans". No, Americans are not happy with teeny tiny tea bags, we want to make mugs of tea just like the big kids in Britan. And Keurig is not the greatest thing on earth and there is plenty of room on the market for Dulce Gusto, Senseo and e.s.e espresso machines too.
My top on the "delete list":
1. People who enjoy the privileges of living within a society, but are unwilling to contribute towards it themselves.
2. That "thing" in the brains of people that allows them to believe whatever they read or is told to them if it satisfies a personal bias or fear.
3. Psychopathic and sociopathic behaviors.
4. Tribalism.
5. That "thing" in the brains of people that allows the amygdala (the fear center) to override logical thinking.
6. Artificial intelligence programs that collect meta data used to manipulate human behavior.
The self righteous on forums who think because they are employed nobody is allowed(how arrogant) to disagree with whatever they type ,atheists,humans existing!
Can you please delete all the boring food that I don't feel like making for lunch, and instead repost the good stuff that was consumed within 72 hours of grocery shopping?

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