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Hello. It's me. Nokipar. and I'm here to say....

NoKipAr on the run

Well-Known Member
that I am truly sorry for making me seem like a creep. I am trying to tell you that, yes, I am in fact Autistic. I was not trying to use this website to get laid.
I just want to spread the word that I am truly sorry for making myself look "Undesirable" or "Needful".

I want to get a lover, and, if possible, by way of this website. My Friend who is a worker of mine and also makes Indie Games for a Hobby tells me to make sure I have women come up to...me!. instead of the other way around.

My father is a respected man.....who never had the talk about sex with me, because of my obsession over Porn and Porn sub genres. However, what I didn't learn from Him I learned about from my days in school with my Teacher and I learned of Condoms, DNA and other Reproductive Sciences, Fetishes, and other topics in Sex Ed.

moving away from the topic of sex, I mainly want a girlfriend because she should be a good companion. someone to watch stuff with, And I don't care if it's something I hate and she loves, like something Juvenile like a PBS show for young children, An anime I don't care for like Melancholy of Haruhi Suzimiya (god I cannot tell you how much I hate that show, but we will go back to the topic of Anime soon enough.) or an adult cartoon that we can jam to like Sausage Party (but not Drawn Together. no. I mean that was fun as a teen but now I just see that as just mindless grossness. I mean Sausage Party could have been better without the Orgy, but... you know) or anything like that.

anyway, Why I want A Girlfriend. yes. I want an inspiration. I mean, take a look at The creators of Sailor Moon and Hunter X Hunter (keep your Kimono on, it's coming!) they're pretty much the Bradgelina of the Anime world in Japan, and I think they have kids. oh. there's another one on top of being an inspiration.... we both have a common interest. like cartoons, comics, animation of ALL KINDS.... I want to have a person who can teach me how to cook, and someone to share my thoughts with..............someone to be creative with (though I've mentioned that already) someone to voice female characters in my animations......annnd.... to just laugh with and feel like I'm in space....

But there are other reasons I want a girl. they aren't sexual, and they shouldn't be. and yeah, An autistic girlfriend is a given to be relatable too.... it's....really amazing to think about. but I happen to be Pansexual. meaning I am ...phooo shooo shoo shooo shoosh shooooshhhh Men, Women, Trans people? I like it all. I know I shouldn't share that, but now Sexual identity is everything slipping into every nook and cranny it can these days weather we like it or not. I prefer Skinny men and Trans Women, but I still want to have kids some day. and Given what kids these days are like? I want to be a very, very ....strict father.

And I really should explain that I want to say that I never did that Puppet show with my friends. The idea of a cartoon I made when I was a kid "Lab Living" was always my debut opus. let me explain. "Lab Living" is a cartoon I want to make (preferably after College, btw, yeah. I've been in college for a year now) that is about Animals In a Lab. think Secret of NIMH on Steroids! remember? Don Bluth's work? had talking Rodents in it and was about the unknown and the spirits of the wonders of life, and..... well, I often refer one of the main characters, Lizo (do not even think about it) is a short-tempered Lizard who I often refer to as "My Mascot". his friends are a Liberal Poultry named Chicko (get it? HIPPIE CHICK!?) and a Rat with obesity named Squeako. ha. that doesn't sound childish now, does it? we were thinking like a cross between "Don't Hug me I'm Scared" and the South Park guy's parody of Thunderbirds "Team America: World Police". so yeah, Girls would find that hilarious! I'm kind of wanting to do Lab Living again sometime. it's almost as if Lizo is my Winnie the Pooh Bear! and....I'm Christopher Robin. sorry, I'm getting nostalgic over a comic I made 2 decades ago almost. and as for Spongebob? I don't really watch that show anymore. we all miss Steven Hillenberg. and I've heard that Spongebob may be getting canceled in 2025. because Underwater is going to be an Outdated concept. Nostalgia, is kind of problematic sometimes. one minute you're like "HAHAHA! SPACE JAM IS FUNNY!" and then the next you're like "ED EDD N EDDY.....like how was I cracking up at this?" Listen, guys...we're allowed to feel nostalgic. but don't do it too much.....so I just want to get that out of the way. I just find myself looking so childish by way of a lot of laziness and a lack of independence. sure, I make sure my hygiene is intact, and I do my own dishes,
but I know in my head I shouldn't blame it on my Autism. It just makes me look trashy and really I wouldn't blame my Asperger on anything so trivial.
but sometimes people beg to differ from their side of the story.

And Anime. I need to get this off my chest: I am trying very hard to steer the hell away from Hentai, sometimes I try and do like "just a gaunter" every once and again, and I sometimes I need to figure that "if I am M_________Ing I will be putting myself in the state of not having a GF". anyone who knows about Manifesting and Aberham Hicks knows what I'm talking about. don't feel bad. I love anime and....Hentai kind of ruins it for me. like you have no idea. And plus I am a giant fan of My Hero Academia. I want to see how it ends, but my friend Tyler got a job in IT and Now watching it isn't the same anymore. MHA is my favorite. it's so inspiring! Deku is Autistic and I love it so much! I even have a Ringtone of the theme song! but now.....I'm gonna watch the Entirety of DBZ and Hunter X Hunter on Victoria Day. and then I'mma watch the Snyder Cut. alone. in the Dark. and harkening back to the Hentai, yeah....I never had the talk about Sex with my father. all because of Inuyasha and Kagome shipping gone horribly wrong. so yeah, I love anime, and I even want to parody anime in the style of Mel Brooks, Lesley Neilson and Austin Powers. It'll prevent it from getting stale. look at Shrek and TTGTTM. and If I ever make that cartoon I ought to make it simple; It went over different iterations over the years, and ....I really want to make it, but everyone got so annoyed by that idea that I never really did ...well, I make up jokes for it to this day. and I would love to do it. in fact, my art style is something like Chuck Jones Meets anime.

so yeah. there's that.

also, there's another thing. I need to get a lover within the year, or else I'll be left behind. I feel like the media and stuff like American Pie has brainwashed people about Virginity, and I feel like I may be looked upon as a stupid idiot if I am a virgin by next year. I'll be 30. I don't want to be the loser I see myself to be. but I've heard that sex isn't what it's cracked up to be. but who Am I to judge or say no to it?

I just want to wrap this up. I did mention "voices " in my head. I have been dealing with my Schizophrenia for 13 years now. I am told it will be done and gone by next year. wishful thinking.

Once again, I have played you all for fools. And for that I am sorry


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