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Google Fan

I've used gmail for years [remember when you had to get invites from friends to gain access?], and I think it's still the best webmail provider out there. I have a google+ account but I don't use it very often. To touch up photos, I use Picasa and for the most part it does a pretty good job. I used to use Chrome, but now I'm back using Firefox because I think FF is better.
I use Google+, Google Buzz, Gmail, Google Chrome and Picasa - I can't find other suitable replacements for my lifestyle.
I mainly use Chrome and Gmail. :S I have Google+, but I only add certain online friends to it.

Anyways I would get a Google OS phone, but my contract isn't up for renewal yet. :S
My favorite Google service would have to be their search engine. After that, Gmail. Thirdly, Google+. Fourthly, Chrome (though I won't use it as my primary browser until I feel its addons are as good or better than Firefox's).
We can't find anything that''s Google and not good, maybe except Chrome, but even Chrome is ok

Google Buzz and Google Toolbar are the only Google services I can think of that suck, though I'd probably also hate Google Desktop (I've yet to use it . . . probably never will). There are also also many Google services that are useless to me but don't necessarily suck.

You can browse through all Google products here.

Anything there that you don't like, Geordie?
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I never noticed that list, Aillas. That's really cool...there's a lot of features I never even knew existed.

I use Google Chrome (it seems to be the cleanest and fastest in my opinion, although I haven't tried the new Firefox).
I really hate toolbars, btw, so I try to keep that as minimal as possible. When it's just icons, it's not so bad. But it can get messy fast.

I've used Earth, maps, docs, gmail, picasa, translate. Maps are probably my least favorite, but that's any computerized directions (and given me some particuarly terrible directions while driving).
I might dig around at some of those later, and would try Google + in the future, although it depends who is on it.
The new FF is better than Chrome, IMO. More functions and it makes Chrome appear somewhat lacking in comparison. You're able to google terms and words by highlighting and right-clicking, for instance. I do have to say that FF probably copied Chrome's appearance because the new FF is quite streamlined compared to the older variants. I do like the new look, though.

Ah yes, Google Buzz. Does anyone even use that anymore?

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