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Girl from Planet Aspie


Well-Known Member
Hi, My name is Lisa. Welcome to Planet Aspie, it's wonderful you guys landed here.

That's the translation of what is said at the beginning of videos on this channel. Here are videos of hers that are captioned in English:


If you know German, you might want to check out this channel and add English subtitles to other videos of hers and translate the titles and descriptions. Make sure the translated titles note they are in German with subtitles and that the translated descriptions include an instruction to click for subtitles.
If you have a lot of money and don't have the time to contribute, you might want to volunteer to pay for a translator.
You could help by adding German subtitles, given the musical background in her videos. These will help translators like @Progster very much.
Hi, I wanted to know how to add subtitles to a Youtube video? I have never done this before but right now I have plenty of time ;)
Idk. I might watch, and can understand some german, but can't get past those big dark dorky glasses that have been in style for too long. :(
@Tom If you can just watch with subtitles, you don't need to understand the spoken German, that's the point of these subtitles.
@Tom If you can just watch with subtitles, you don't need to understand the spoken German, that's the point of these subtitles.

Oh I know, I watch quite a few foreign films, etc. I was just making a joke about the glasses. ;)

But as far as watching these things go I am just really really selective about what I watch and read. I think it is mainly a special interest thing. It's either certain types of history or monsters from space, zombies, etc. Big Dinosaurs stomping on cities is also a big draw for me.

So I always tell these folks, when given the chance, to open their video with a scene of a toy dinosaur stomping on green army men, preferrably with appropriate sound effects. Then I'm in.

I watch quite a few foreign films, etc.
People like you are the reason that a lot of foreign vlogs could do with English subtitles. A native speaker of another language choosing to make videos in their own language might not be a case of wanting to exclude those who understand.
Agree about the specs, they're quite distracting and don't suit her. Nice cat tho.

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