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Joshua the Writer

Very Nerdy Guy, Any Pronouns
V.I.P Member
Hello, peeps. I am getting baptized next week. I am so excited!

I know that I have to get in front of everybody in the church to do it, I am not worried, as I am getting used to attention from crowds, and never really ever had stage fright.

I'm going to get baptized by Laura, one of the two youth pastors. I trust her with not submerging me too long. I also think she is a great person in general, too.

Fortunately, the water is actually going to be quite warm, since I am doing it during the 9:15 service instead of the other two services (yes, my church has 3 services. We've grown exponentially) that are later in the morning.

One disadvantage of this is that I have to get up earlier than usual, but I am more of a morning person (despite being 16), anyways, so that won't bother me.

I attended a baptism class in the church offices last week. We just learned about the importance of baptism, how infant (or sprinkle) baptisms aren't actually real baptism, and how a baptism needs to be full-submersion.

Ever since my life was forever changed a couple weeks ago (will be in a separate post), I could immediately tell that baptism is the next step for me to take. I have accepted Jesus Christ as my lord and savior, and have come to the full realization that God loves me, accepts me, and understands me completely.

I am proud of myself, and so are my friends and family. My mom has invited some of my friends who go to different churches over to watch me be baptized, as well as my sister, my brother, and aunt. They are all proud of me.

However, I have one friend who isn't going, and that is my best friend, Nate, who is an atheist. I don't have any problem about it, though. My mom is friends with her mom on Facebook, and my mom will take SEVERAL pictures, so it is entirely possible that he'll know eventually. And, yes, he has no clue that I am going to be baptized yet.

I believe in Jesus Christ. have faith in him, I want to be in a personal relationship with him, and I do not care who knows, so I am being baptized.
That is such wonderful news Joshua. I'm very proud of you, too, and thanks so much for sharing the news this special event.
I got baptised at age 34 and it's an incredible experience. I literally felt the Holy Spirit. They just dip you in real quick. Like down and up and you're done. My daughter got baptized on the same day.

It's important to do it in front of people. It is a public profession that Jesus Christ is your Lord and Savior, that you've been washed by the blood of the Lamb, and from here on out, you're living forJesus.

No turning back now! It's time to ignite the fire for Christ in your heart!

If we never meet in this life, I will personally give you a huge hug when we meet in Heaven.

From here on out, you are my brother in Christ.
PS My favorite singer is named Joshua Aaron. He's a messianic Jew who believes in Jesus as his messiah. He lives in Israel.

Here's a baptism present for you.

PS My favorite singer is named Joshua Aaron. He's a messianic Jew who believes in Jesus as his messiah. He lives in Israel.

Here's a baptism present for you.

My goodness! How funny! Aaron isn't actually my last name, though. In fact, Aaron is my middle name.
Hello, peeps. I am getting baptized next week. I am so excited!

I just came across your testimony of baptism in Christ. That is awesome. I pray the Father in heaven will guide you and protect you as you follow Christ.

I came to Christ about 40 years ago. He watches over us and rescues us when we need it. He is so loving and kind.
I lied about being a Christian to my parents. I even posted stuff about me being a Christian on here in case they ever decided to check my activity on this site, so, in a way, I was lying to you guys, also. I was doing this all for the sake of pleasing my parents and making them happy. However, I recently decided to stop doing this because it started to go beyond my own personal moral and ethical standards, crossing the line at getting baptized a few months back. It's just pretending to be somebody I am not, and that's just something that started to make me feel unhappy with myself. I started to wonder what's the point in trying to change who I am just to please my parents.

I have decided that nobody can decide my life for me. And, yes. That counts non-existent, supposedly immortal beings. I have my own (common) sense of what's right and what's wrong, and I don't have to read any religious text to tell me what I should consider right and what's wrong.

I have forever believed the world has too much pain, death, and suffering in it for there to be a God. Satan isn't influencing anybody to commit any wrongdoings, our own human nature is. We made religion up and blamed stuff such as murder, rape, robberies, etc. on a fictional evil character just because we're afraid to admit that us humans are violent by nature. It's ingrained in our nature since when cavemen lived among woolly mammoths and saber tooth tigers.

We needed that violent instinct to survive. A lust for blood assured our survival back then. Sure, while it has lessened over time as humans started building civilizations and we started to need said instinct less, and many have been able to ignore it altogether. However, there are some who have kept it. And those people pose a very huge threat. They should be locked up and be rehabilitated. If they can't be anything but somebody who has violent tendencies, they should remain quarantined from the rest of humanity, never being allowed to see daylight again.

I just see religion unneeded in my life. This is my life. Why would I have to answer to something that doesn't exist? Why would I change who I am only to make my parents happy by satisfying only what they want from me? They've been pushing religion on me, but never realized it. I don't have any problems with any religion, I just have a problem with being forced into one and pressured into a decision.

In fact, this entire situation reminds me of this song by Jeff Williams from the Red vs Blue soundtrack. (Lyrics in the 1st comment).

Oh, yeah. And that whole Wicca thing? Yeah, that was just to mess with my parents. That was enjoyable.
Red vs. Blue Lyrics

Tell me why you're here, you could walk away right now
No-one would stop you, you're free to choose your own way
Don't be afraid, of the choice you make it's alright...
Questions remain, they will linger on like memories

Were you right to... Give your life to...
Someone else to run it for you?
Do you wish you... Kept your life to...
Be somebody?

Good to conquer evil
Lies to fight the truth
Are any of us only saints or sinners
Or is it always red vs blue?

Tell me why you're here, do you even know yourself?
Do you belong here? You don't fit anywhere else...
Don't feel betrayed, only we can wipe the slate clean
Does it even matter? It only matters that we're here...

Were you right to... Give your life to...
Someone else to (choose it for you?)
Do you wish you... Kept your life too...?

Good to conquer evil
Lies to fight the truth
Are any of us only saints or sinners
Or is it always...

Red vs Blue?
For me ive always believed in God. Long before i had a name to go by. It felt good to know someones looking out for me. He was and is my friend in life. If i need advice or help i look to him. And in my opinion you can force faith on no one. You decide what you believe in. As for what you said about Satan and mankind's evil. Your partail right about mankind. They do choose to do evil and sin
Thats free will. The ability to choose freedom of choice. Some people choose to do evil things. And yes Satan does exert and influence. He does exist. If you wonder how i know. There are many ways. But for me its revelations. The final battle between good and evil. The idea that we can live free of evil of sin, murder,cruelity, sickness, hatred, lies, disceit and death all the things thats wrong with the world. Is what that battle is fought over. Between those who believe in God and this beautiful future and those who would rather keep things the way they are. That battle is the beginning of a dream. A thousand years will pass. Satan is loose once more. But he will lose again and this time. Will be locked away forever. Along with his antichrist. Then at long last this dream will be achieved. I wish you could see it. Beautiful skies rolling green hills. People who talk to you and you talk back. Never afraid of what they think or say. Because evil is dead as are lies and cruelty. No one ever dies there. Or gets sick. Everyone is happy and healthy. This time will come. I choose to believe in it. Being a christian means taking a lot on faith. But thats up to you. Free will free choice.
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