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General Rules & Guidelines

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Founder & Former Admin
V.I.P Member

We want everyone's stay at Autism Forums to be a good one. We don't want to have to heavily moderate or censor members but feel it is necessary to have a few ground rules in order to maintain a great community:

By using the forums and features of Autism Forums, you agree to abide by the following rules:

Member Accounts

Users are only permitted to register one account.
2. Members may not give out their account password or allow others to have access to their account.
3. Accounts may not be registered to a group or organization.
4. Member accounts are non-transferable.
5. Member accounts may not have user names that are explicit, lewd, offensive or misleading (I.E Admin).
6. We do not delete accounts and have no legal requirement to do so. We will ban your account if you would like, which prevents you from logging in and prevents any future communication to your email address from us.
7. The use of animated images (or 'Gifs') for an account's avatar, signature, or profile banner is not allowed.

Posting Guidelines and Member Conduct

Insulting or personal attacks on other members is prohibited.
Insults, whether on a personal, cultural, or national level are not tolerated here.
2. Do not attempt to "flame", "troll" or bait other members into arguments.
3. Racial, gender (sexist), neurological, and religious hatred/discrimination will not be tolerated.
4. Do not post content that is explicit, degrading or offensive.
For example: porn, gore, death, death threats or similar.
5. Disclosing personal information without consent and making the content of PM's public is strictly prohibited.
6. Use of explicit language is not allowed.
7. Stalking and/or harassing another member is not allowed.
8. Issues related to moderators and how we moderate should be handled privately with an Admin present.
9. Any threats of legal action against Autism Forums will warrant an immediate permanent ban of your account.
10. Discussions/posts related to paedophilia will be deleted and may result in the permanent ban of your account.

Advertising and Spam

Members are not permitted to post advertisements without permission.
2. Members may have one link to their forum/website within their signature and profile.
3. Members should not make very short posts. (I.E. "+1", "I agree" and the like). These do not add anything to the discussion.

Further Information

Autism Forums staff reserve the right to edit, delete, close, split, merge, and hide any post or thread as they deem appropriate.
2. Autism Forums staff also reserve the right to warn, ban, edit, alter, suspend or terminate any member account as they deem appropriate.
3. Member accounts will NOT be deleted for any reason.
4. Autism Forums reserve the right to modify these rules/terms at any time.

If you come across something you find offensive or believe breaks the rules, report it to a member of staff using the report button. Do not reply to the thread. If you are having a problem with another member of the forums, you may contact a member of staff via Private Message about it.
We are amending the Rules & Guidelines to add the following:

1. No animated images in Signatures or Profile Banners.

2. Username changes will only be allowed in the following cases: You have less than 10 posts or you are a V.I.P. member.

3. No links to donation seeking sites such as GoFundMe etc.
Chat Room Rules
  1. Please do not use the chatroom to excess for one on one conversations. You can create a conversation with any member if you would like to discuss issues or have a direct conversation with them. The chat room is meant to be a general area where everyone can feel like they can join in at any time. Direct conversations of personal matters outside the chatroom are better left for personal conversations on the site.
Regarding Politics And Debating Religion

While we are not going to out right ban the discussions of politics we are going to limit discussions of political nature to only those that surround Autism. This site isn't the place to discuss the values of a political party or specific politicians unless it specifically involves discussions related to Autism. Political discussions that do occur related to Autism are subject to our rules about hateful comments, insults and personal attacks and will be moderated accordingly.

Regarding religious debates, we are not allowing any threads to continue to that debate religion. If a thread regarding religion or spiritual beliefs turns into a debate it will be closed and actions may be taken against those involved.

This is a community for autism and we would like to keep the concentration on that. Letting known topics such as these spiral out of control takes away from everyone on the forum.
First and foremost, this forum is intended to be a friendly support forum for those on and off the spectrum. Helping others is our goal here. We know everyone has bad days but we will take action against posts that flirt with breaking rules if we find the tone of conversation to be rude and unhelpful toward a member here.

So please keep this in mind while posting!
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