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Genealogy and History


Well-Known Member
:SI've always been interested in these two topics. I often think out of the vintage box, that I've put myself in, and daydream about the days of Victorian London, or the Victorian world, in general. I think about how different my life would have been, back than. Would I be married with a whole bunch of children, or would I be locked up in an assylum, somewhere? What was it like, to be a baby, back than. What was it like, being potty trained at 6 months old, instead of the age of 3, in my case?

Spinning Compass

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V.I.P Member
My favorite periods of history are those that tend to involve significant changes, for example England under Henry VIII and Elizabeth I; the Romans around the time of Julius Caesar to the start of the Christian era. I am also fascinated by Suleiman the Magnificent of Turkey (he lived at the same time as Henry VIII and Martin Luther). I am also interested in South African history. I don't know much about Asian history but would like to explore that more. I went through a period where I was interested in the US Civil War, particularly the campaigns through Tennessee that led to Sherman's March. And also I am interested in Native American history. In fact, that's quite a lot.


Cuddling Vampires
V.I.P Member
I love History. I love Ancient Egypt, and Japan. I also like the Victorian Era. Though I am not as into US History as I probably should be.:cute:


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V.I.P Member
I actually am a historian, working most of my life in museums and archives. Although I would love to go back to nearly any time and place in history as a tourist, I like this period in history to live in. The things that we have, technology, central heat, fast and inexpensive travel (everything is relative), etc. are things that mankind has been working toward from the beginning. Whether these things are ultimately good or bad may be another issue, but as a species we have learned an amazing amount. I cannot help but be impressed.


Well-Known Member
History's great. It's so sad that most young people now a days [at least in America] don't care about it. I am proud to say I am actually a blood relative of one of the Founding Fathers, James Madison himself. He never had any kids, but his brother did, and that's who I am directly descended from. Off the top of my head, I know that my ancestry to him comes from my father's mother's father, my Great Grandfather Ulysses. I don't know it any farther than that.

One of my Great Great Grandmothers was a member of the Choctaw Indian Tribe, while the rest of my family is Irish, English, French, and German. I know that much of my mother's family is Irish, and that I had a more recent ancestor, an irish Fisherman, who immigrated to the US during the Great Potato Famine. My father's family is more English

I had one ancestor from the 1800s who was a Sheriff, and some of my European Ancestors were part of powerful families. My earliest known ancestor was a knight from the 13th Century. I know a lot of this stuff because of a family tree I made for a project I did in 1st Grade [my parents did most of the work]. Of my living relatives, I know that I have relatives who have fought in all three of the major wars of the mid 20th Century. My Paternal Step Grandfather was a member of an Artillery Team in Vietnam. My Maternal Grandfather fought in Korea [he died before I was born, so I don't know him], and my Paternal Great Grandfather [my other Paternal Great Grandfather, not the one descended from James Madison] fought in WWII at the Battle of the Bulge. He's actually still alive, although I rarely talk to him since he lives in Pennsylvania.

Sorry if I sounded a little arrogant there, really. Anywho, I also love general history, especially military history. I'm very knowledgeable about US History [I actually payed attention in History class, so I actually do know this stuff]. I also enjoy world history, and like learning about it whenever I can. I find it very, very unfortunate how little Americans know about other countries. Even I don't actually know that much. I used to watch the History Channel a lot, but the fact of the matter is, all but one of the documentary channels I can think of are actually owned by Fox now, and so I don't watch them anymore since they're constantly pushing conservative views and christianity, even in shows that those things don't belong in. The only one they don't own is the Smithsonian Channel, which I actually only watch on Demand since I can't find it among the channels [I literally have like 1000 of them].


Well-Known Member
Netflix has the best collection of in-depth historical documentaries that I've seen. I just tore thru the story of Abraham, the Hajj, two of six parts of a History of India series and Ken Burn's documentaries on the civil war and WWII.

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