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My routine has been ruined since yesterday and I'm very frustrated. Yesterday my mom brought my brother to the college I attend for registration. The problem is that he had to go to work at 2 am so we had a time limit. My class ended and I went to the parking lot because my mom specifically said "we will come pick you up after class". She didn't keep the promise. I wasn't frustrated about having to look for her however I was frustrated seeing my brother sleeping on the paperwork he was instructed to fill. The cons of my brother coming to the college outweighed the pros. I had to ask for help for my brother just for the helper to go away because my brother didn't know what to say. The part that got me the most frustrated was that usually when we are outside somewhere we usually go get groceries. That didn't happen. There was nothing to be gained going to the college with my brother.

Today we had to go to the dentist and my mom brought my brother AGAIN. He has to be at work by 2 again. My main issue is
1. there is no point in him going. he is just going to sit in the waiting room.
2. We have to be home by 1:30 the most to get my brother ready for work.
3. We do not know how long it will take for my dentist appointment. it is 10 at the moment and we still haven't arrived.
4. There are groceries that we can only find in Los Angeles because where we live there are no guatemalan stores or bakeries. We won't be able to get them in time.
5. Traffic. Los Angeles traffic is crazy.
6. My mom is blaming me for everything. She said if i woke up earlier we wouldn't have to be wary of the time. I woke up earlier than her and my brother.

I hate that I get yelled at for being visibly upset about the fact my routine has been changed for the worse. I'm so frustrated right now I even killed a cockroach with my shoe. I'm not sure what to do anymore. Very scared of having a meltdown at the dentist.


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Sometimes parents take out stress and anxiety on the kids including adult kids. You kinda of have to roll your eyes, and say listen up mom, you can't blame all the problems on me. Maybe you are stressed out, and l am sorry, but don't blame me. LA traffic is ridiculous. Sometimes walking is faster then driving in central LA.

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