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Fred R Clark & Son Machineworks


Admin/Immoral Turpitude
Staff member
V.I.P Member
Slowly but surely the rest of the parts are trickling in for my Farmall.
The new alternator drive belt selection will be a little tricky because of the custom installation with the remaining adjuster strut parts still in transit being the only holdup to the final dimensions.
I decided to use both right and left handed heim joints like these for the strut:



I feel that this item will be invaluable to it's ownership too.

We only have about a month for the no-show show weekend, so between the Farmall and The Fat Kid, I will have to get real busy for a few days so they can make their belle of the ball debuts.

Chillax kids, we got this :p


Admin/Immoral Turpitude
Staff member
V.I.P Member
Once again, I returned to my favorite place on the planet for another Farmall H weekend.

First up was to finalize the fuel system with a street L hose barb at the sediment bowl and a slight mod to the steel line before connecting it with rubber fuel hose.
The street L was the hot ticket for proper routing and the install looks professional.
From there, it led to a machinist session to build the alternator strap and design the center section of the turnbuckle assembly.
12L14 free machining steel was chosen for the turnbuckle material and it was deep drilled and tapped with both a right hand thread and a left handed one.
Even took the time to mill two wrench flats on it.

It works like a charm and kept the alternator within the confines of the cowling.

Three drive belts were sourced, but as luck would have it, they were all too short to finish the project.
I gathered two more prospects on the way home, so wish me luck!

The second headlamp was mounted, but the wiring conduit had yet to arrive on Friday.
I sourced stainless steel shower hose to use for the conduit, so since it arrived on Saturday, it was back burnered too.

Yesterday the old gal got her electrical tuneup consisting of new spark plugs, ignition cables a distributor cap and a rotor.
Afterwards, the old gal fired right up ;)
I held off on the points and condenser replacement until I return with a dwell meter to do it proper, but it was set ok enough to run so it can wait too.
The gauges are on hold again until I source a fitting for the oil pressure connection, but once that comes in, the rest of the install will be easy as pie.

I removed the hand starting crank pin to get to the loose front crankshaft pulley.
It was fairly sloppy, but for now I will only retorque it until a replacement arrives.
The tricky part of fixing it is that the front steering bolster will need removed just to take the pulley off.
Will require a little major disassembly that is not in the picture yet.
It can wait for now since the old gal doesn't have to plow any fields yet.
Yet :p

Soon I will be just another hayseed plowboy without his own row to hoe :tractor:

She will get her oil changed and a lube after all of the drive belts are installed so I can run her to get her hot first.


You know, that one lady we met that one time.
V.I.P Member
Oh wow! This is really neat. I like the heim joint idea. Is the repair manual an original copy?


Admin/Immoral Turpitude
Staff member
V.I.P Member
Three more days!

Got a three day weekend in at the showgrounds.
Friday evening was spent oiling down the the old drillpress so it would fare the weather better until moving day.
This will likely involve about three of us to pull it off, but it will happen in the next few weeks.
Saturday was a rain day, so most of what got done was indoor activities.
I finished the mods on the headlamp housings and cut the stainless steel shower hose to use it for classy looking wiring conduit.

The compression fittings were female internal pipe which in turn actually fits electrical box cable clamps that will also provide strain relief on the final wiring.
Pretty cool trick by just using me head for something other than a hat holder, eh?
The actual lamps are LED fog lamps which should provide extensive light while being vibration resistant.
The cool part will be using the original light switch assembly.
Did a ton of minor repairs to the old gal too, but actually too trivial to provide details.
Sunday was spent doing some trim work on the tinyhouse and sifting thru the mess I made of the inside during our last show.
Lots of stuff just got stashed in it kind of haphazardly because of a lack of storage areas yet to be built.
I hope to jump back on the interior work next weekend.

Once again, my alternator drive belt selection wasn't spot on, but I sort of already knew that because the correct one was unavailable at the time.
Good thing every day is a Saturday in my world, so that got blown off until Monday morning.
Monday morning arrived with cool but dry weather and a trip to NAPA for the belt.
Cool, time to finalize the alternator installation.

The arrow indicates where the hood covering ends, so the install actually will never be seen as opposed to the unit I removed from her.
The wiring will be upgraded too, using the same showerhead stainless hose to doll her up.
More fancy rubberized holders will keep it looking tidy.

All belted up, including the waterpump belt.
Shakedown run time! :cool:

The hood was installed after the voltage check was performed.

Next up will be her oil change, lubrication and the finished wiring.
Might do a final drive fluid change too.
Either five or six gallons of 90 weight gear lube involved in that.

The gauges are on the list too, and since the last fitting arrived, that's a good to go detail now.

Yep, I'm starting to bleed Farmall red now kids :tractor:
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