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V.I.P Member

1. The first player will throw a food at the maker of this thread.
2. The next person to post will throw food at the person before him.
3. And so on....

RULE: What you throw must be food.

When I say 'throw a food' this means you will
name a food and the method you are using to do so.
As in "I toss a bucket of sausage gravy over his head"
or "I fling a mess of catfish in her lap."

You can go gourmet, home-style, fast food, whatever...
as long as you follow the RULE.

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I'm gonna start with hurling the traditional custard pie at you, tree :D

..aaaannd <lob> ... "Ker-Splatt!!"


Oops, look out.. :eek:..
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I'm gonna start with hurling the traditional custard pie at you, Tree :D

..aaaannd <lob> ... "Ker-Splatt!!"


Oops, look out.. :eek:..
And I drop a steak on you Spiller - without separating it from the beast first :):D

(Apologies to vegans)
OK Spiller - by the rules of the thread I'm obliged to throw some food back at you.

I'll be friendly with this one.

How about a pavlova with 'real' custard, whipped cream, strawberries & passionfruit pulp?

I find that one is always a winner :)
I get up and stand on a chair to dump a whole panful of
blackeyed peas onto tachyon.
They dribble down his back in rivulets.
As tree tries to make a hasty exit, I carefully pour the contents a tin of spaghetti into her shoes, just before she puts them on. As she runs away, the spaghetti squelches inbetween her toes. :)
I pelt Vinca repeatedly with pitted prunes.
It's not as cruel as it sounds.
They are stewed prunes.

I have had quite enough of this I muse. I gather as much dignity as I can muster and fill my hands with strawberry cream cake and gooey custard and fraluurmff it on Trees head
I shall squish and squelch fromage frais between my fingers and let it drip and drop a top of Sir Qwerty's bonce. :)
In a subtle ploy intended to deflect attention away from her actions, tree suggests
to Vinca that the Food Fight is a great opportunity for gender based alliances.
Meanwhile tree tips a quart of molasses over & manages to feign surprise when it
gushes like slow lava into Vinca's lap...
... due to the slow nature of the gushing of the molasses, I am able to extricate myself from it's line of flow, leaving it to collect in a mass on the seat of the chair in which I was sitting. I now, kindly offer tree said chair, as we prepare to sit and discuss, our gender based alliance. As she prepares to sit, I dance around tree , decorating her with spun sugar.
After spending 3 hours constructing an elaborate tapioca tossing trebuchet the time has come to let fly the sugary mess at lady Tree. Taking into careful consideration the graceful way she weaves and leaps while dodging Vinca's attempts to adorn her with intricate patterns of spun sugar i make my final calculations and cry "TALLY HO" and let fly the gooey tapioca missile and watch as it SPLURTHCHES right in her ninja like smoosh.
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Aware that she has been the target of the trebuchet tapioca toss only by virtue of Food Fight Protocol,
tree grasps the industrial sized dispenser of catsup with both hands and with delighted intent, sprays
qwerty head to toe, head to toe, head to toe.....

Qwerty lubricates his feet with the excess catsup that drips from his nose and performs a spectacular super catsup slide towards an enormous tray of stuffed mushrooms and throws mushrooms like frisbees, DOINKNG Tree on the nose over and over again...DOINK...DOINK DOINK
Transfixed by the magic of the mushrooms, tree hallucinates cinnamon glazed doughnuts the size of tractor tires which
float above qwerty, and then drop, one by one over his shoulders, imprisoning his arms...
Tree tries to duck as Mia throws an entire bowl of poutine with beef gravy, cheese curds dotting it and soggy french fries:tonguewink:

Jettez la vache, la splatte paff, paff, paff

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