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Fixation on materials and objects


Crumbs of cinnamon all over the place
I don't know how to correctly put it into words, and english isn't my mother language either, but I'll try my best.

So... I have this little big quirk for materials, especially different types of paper, cardboard and carton. Books, boxes, all sort of packages... I like to touch and sniff them, feel their texture beneath my fingers, I even tap on the surface with nail tips to feel the strength and stiffness of the material. (It's something my autistic brother does, too - as a kid he had huge interest in linoleum and it's physical properties.) I fiddle alot with different packages, leaflets, pieces of paper/carton etc., because it gives me the sense of well-being and I would say, my head is full of pleasant feelings.

Anyways, I'd consider it the form of stimming because for example, since I have problems with paying attention, touching the book's covers or sheets or bookmark (it can be anything that's made of paper or carton and fits between the sheets) helps me to focus. Don't get me wrong, I love to read! It's just my ADHD-brain... Argh.

I've been thinking about if anyone does have a similar thing? Do you also get fixated on materials or textures and surfaces?:D
I have always liked boxes and cardboard. Love storing my collections and things in a nice box (preferrably the type with a separate lid - not the fold over type). I also have always made things out of cardboard, sometimes quite elaborate. like a castle or city scape for my son for his (and my) toys or a full sized playhouse that she can go in for my daughter.
Some textures and feels can be very irritating. Others can be very satisfying.

I like the cold feel of metal. I wind up touching the metal corners of all the cubicles as I walk down the hallway at work.
I will pick things up that l am purchasing, they have to feel right, have right texture, and right weight, l don't like glasses or cups that are too heavy. Fussy about patterns, they have to be pleasing to my eye. Okay, l am anal. Purses have to be perfect,l will use it nonstop. Everything has to be perfect, color,weight, size, straps, fake pleather.
Yes - there are some textures that I just love the feel of. I used to have a keyring that had a kind of soft plastic part that I liked to stroke, but the best thing is hair... if feels so smooth, this is hard to describe, but I keep looping it and pulling the loops and I get a strange but very satisfying sensation from this.
I shop for clothing by touching the material as it must feel just right.
That is more important than how it looks.
Same with shoes and purses.
There are only certain type shoes I can stand to wear.

I keep a fuzzy fur ball on my purse that I can run my hand over.
I especially love soft plush material. Got to have a blanket of it to sleep.
And don't forget my lavender unicorn plush toy to grab on to.
Sit with a throw made of same material to watch tv.
I grasp it in my hands and work it around like a cat pawing something in contentment.

So, yes. Fuzzy, plush and soft please.
I can still remember the feel and smell of when I was little and chewed vinyl furniture or the vinyl in the car. If I thought I could get away with it, I'd probably do it now. LOL Even the memory is satisfying.
But now, it's mostly soft - I have way too many blankets because if I go down the blanket aisle I can't resist those soft, pretty ones. Pick it up, do the rest of my shopping with my hands inside the folds of the blanket feeling the softness and get home, thinking, "well, another blanket." I had to stop picking up the stuffed animals - and they just keep getting softer and softer.
My favorite smell is the new car smell (not the new car air freshener stuff that smells nothing like it) and I keep a bunch of patchouli scented soaps in my bathroom because of the scent.
I'm also picky about purses, clothes, shoes, etc - hard to find something I like. Very picky about colors - won't even buy shampoo that's yellow (or gold, I guess). And the bright yellow is just too blinding. And, although I have many candles around, I hate touching wax.

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