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Feeling like you're in a M. Night Shyamalan movie


Active Member
I just saw a mob of about 20 deer, assuming in rut. It is spring where I live so this is un common. And they were just hanging out on the road. Gave me a very eerie feeling

In the driftless area of the Midwest. This is pretty weird right?
It's possible that I'm invisible not because nobody told me I have autism, but rather because nobody told me I am dead.
No worries. Before half of the show is gone you'll likely figure it out the entire plot.
Oh, deer!

There is a park not far from my house by a lake where I go to see deer all the time.
The experience is pretty cool and unusual.

One certain area where I can sit in the car at dusk and deer, mostly does, just appear as the sun starts to turn to dusk. It is an open area between two forests.
It's magical to watch.
They appear like ghosts. Hardly ever see them as they come out of the woods.
I can walk out amongst them, and they aren't afraid.
Once I was with out there with them when a large buck came running out of the woods and came over to me.
I stood still. He sniffed me up and down as if to give the approval to be with the group of does. Then just hung around.

I've walked through the woods in the daytime and can never find a deer hidden or laying anywhere. The woods aren't that large either. There is a lake on one side and a park road on the other.
Where do they all come from? Twilight Zone time!
It's not unusual. But may not be commonly seen. I've lived in deer country in PA over 20 years and have never seen a large herd like that. But this area is all big hills and maybe the ranges are constricted. In open terrain maybe it's easier for more to congregate.

"In winter and early spring, large groups, comprising both males and females, may be seen feeding together. These groups, of 30 to 40 deer or more, are usually led by a dominant female who determines the feeding and bedding locations of the group."

Social Position Is Important to Female White-tail Deer
I recall living in a suburban area of the SF Bay Area where every summer there would be disturbing numbers of deer roaming down neighborhood streets, indifferent to humans and automobiles.

So many comp claims for insurers...yet a predictable exposure.

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