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Facing life...but don't really want to

Are you okay @SusanLR ?
HaHa. Don't think anyone could be accused of calling me OK,
but, I found this cute little animation on You Tube which makes me think of how I've always had
the tendency to want to hide from life many times.
I call it cocooning.
I found a lot of people on the spectrum have this want to isolate feeling.
From someone who likes raising Monarchs and beetles, I can relate.
Oops, I can't watch the video right now so the full message in your post is lost. Sorry :confused:

As long as you're okay by your own standards, then all is well. It's good to have a cocoon - it's safe and comfortable :)
While I love my wife and family very much, I still need my alone time. Most of this comes in my office on the computer, watching TV or working in the shop. Sometimes I will take a day, jump in the Jeep and go exploring. It not only does not bother me to do this alone, it really recharges my internal batteries. Best of all, my wife understands my need for alone time and encourages it. It is really, really nice to be married to the worlds best wife.
I’d rather be invisible so I could feel free ,apart from that I strive for that wonderful feeling in bed where its that perfect spot of warmth sometimes I have the feeling when I’m dancing for an enth of a second
I saw weighted blankets for sale and l thought cocoons with happiness for sale. I couldn't figure out if it was machine washable at a discount store.
Sometimes I will take a day, jump in the Jeep and go exploring. It not only does not bother me to do this alone, it really recharges my internal batteries
I have a Jeep too and do the same thing.
Just drive. Especially along the coast here.
It's nice who you live with understands.
I'm always being asked where I'm going, how long I'll be, when I'm coming home and if I don't
show up when I'm supposed to the cell phone rings. :mad:

@Aspychata I always wondered if those weighted blankets feel nice.
They have them on sale here at discount stores too. Tag says each square is filled with sand.
So I don't know how you're supposed to take care of them either.
A good day in bed sleeping, watching TV, playing music, can be a recharge too.
My jeep is my cocoon too. l actually call it my boyfriend. He never argues with me. He never dumps me. He takes me anywhere l want to go. And under the hood, he has little notes for me. Oil goes here, idiot. lol

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