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England football team & Euro' 2024


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After the England national football team (mens) played against Slovakia this evening, winning 2-1 overall, with a late equalizer in injury time, providing the way for an extra time winning goal, the team are now through to the quarter final, playing against Switzerland this coming Saturday.

Highlights below in case anyone missed it!

Go England! 🥳
Judey really channelled fy Capten Bale with that bicycle kick, good Gods. The Galactico effect (or Cymru ;))

I'm happy to see Jude shut his considerable number of haters down, even for one night. The kid's only 21, in his first season at a new team abroad, and yet he's carrying the entire national side and the hopes of a nation.

As a Wales fan I do ofc always want to see England slain in the most embarrassing manner, but there's no denying this was a clutch result worth cheering, with plenty of drama in extra time. This is what people come to the Euros for.

Besides these last-minute gifts and Jude's undeniable brilliance, though, this team are not connecting and it's showing in their bland, unproductive, joyless and lost style of play. Not performing like worthy winners or finalists. Switzerland I fear (hope?) will take them to pieces. And I am here to witness!!

Spain played fantastically this evening, by contrast. Could see them going all the way.
The coffeeshop I go to in the morning usually has the soccer on their big TV. I admire the skill in the game but I mainly check out the various players for levels of hotness.
The coffeeshop I go to in the morning usually has the soccer on their big TV. I admire the skill in the game but I mainly check out the various players for levels of hotness.
That sounds like my sister, she watched AFL all her life but confessed to not knowing any rules of the game or caring, to her it was just a soft porn show. :)
The coffeeshop I go to in the morning usually has the soccer on their big TV. I admire the skill in the game but I mainly check out the various players for levels of hotness.

If you ever get more into it, you might enjoy the footyblr community over on tumblr. A lot of, errrr…visual and creative appreciation going on. Plenty of funny content as well. It’s nice being around fans who are there to have a good time and aren’t taking the game part that seriously or personally.
A late goal deep into extra time with their first shot on target means the manager and team get to rewrite history and clutch their pearls at the media and fans in the press conferences.

They seem to expect respect rather than earn it. Their club celebrity status means nothing at international level, in which they have achieved nothing. Rightly or wrongly the fans expect club form to transfer over.

They will still lose to the first big hitter they face as England and Southgate historically always do. The Swiss are a good side with far more firepower than previous teams faced and will probably knock them out next round, due in part to England's dysfunctional playing system, obsession with individuals and 'moments', Southgate's freeze response at crunch time, lower technical and tactical ability, low morale and to be fair the weight of the shirt. (NOT the long season!😂)

Without that 1 in a million late goal they would have gone out without a single shot on target to a well organised and motivated team ranked 40 places below them. Someone even posted a fake, satirical comment on the BBC match report the day before the game bemoaning that very scenario and was 20 seconds from being right. You see Southgate is the definition of insanity.
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Soccer is ok. I used to play some. Even scored for an Air Force Team against a German Luftwaffe one.

But nothing beats Extreme Ironing.


iron 2.jpg

iron 3.jpeg

Well, after the last, quarter final game of England narrowly beating Slovakia with an inspired goal from Jude Bellingham, England have tonight taken on Switzerland and gone through to the semi-final of Euro' 2024!

Switzerland went ahead with a 1-0 lead and England found the equalizer with Bukayo Saka scoring an excellent shot from 20 yards away from goal, or so. The game then went on at 1-1 until penalties, where England won the penalty shootout.

Could this be the tournament that England finally finds glory after many decades of lacking any trophies at the international level? :)

Highlights of the game in the video below:

They haven't been at their best, I think that is plain to see for anyone. Hopefully they will be better the next game and if they get through to the final - the final, too.
Perhaps playing low risk football statistically is the best way to play, it's working for France too
Positives from the game because I like to lead with upbeat points these days:

--Trent clincher peno for the win (I love him sm he's the spiritual son I'm proud of)
--Saka goal sitting down Reform-voting racists watching (revenge for Euro 20)
--SouthKane take-me-into-your-loving-arms moment (I ship them)
--SouthGOAT coaching (caution can pay off!)

However: as a Cymru fan I cannot see Lloegr men win. Not in my lifetime. This cannot be permitted.

I did root for the Lionesses making it over the line at their last Euros, because it's a dub for womankind in my part of the world and in general. But living in the U.K. as a non-fashy British-but-not-English female shall be unbearable for the next few years if the Saes men triumph. We'll see a resurgence in the worst kind of Oi Oi "woman get in the kitchen" hooligan culture if that occurs.

Also, this particular England squad does not include many Lions players who I actually like don't mind. It's only Bowen (my hometown boy), Rice, Ramsdale & Trent who I respond to well as people and enjoy watching, everyone either makes me feel nothing or get the ick. Would have been more fun for me personally (selfishly) if players like Curtis Jones, Chilwell, Grealish, Henderson, Maddison, Mings, Watkins etc. were called up.

Ftr usually I pray for the success and happiness of others, I'm not a negative or bitter or vengeful person by nature. Sport is sport, though, and in Britain football is religion. Therefore I need to see Kyle Mobility-Walker, Kieran Tripsyer and Sion Gravel crying in defeated misery in this semi.

^oh lmao I just remembered Ollie Watkins was in fact called up and on the plane to Germany, he just hasn't played a single minute, and probably won't either because West Mids players do NOT get the respect🥲😞

Considering how shabby and ghost-like Kane has been so far, Gareth ought to put Ollie in for him up front. Or play my bias Jarrod Bowen.

Gareth is never replacing his most special perfect golden boy Harry, though; he'd quit on the spot or seppuku if he had to do that. Atp he'd probably play a Kane who's lame or only got one leg.
I believe Gareth Southgate hasn't got the authority or respect to bench big players because of his fairly weak resume. So he has to be all "ooo like me!!" with the squad or he'll lose the dressing room. 😂😂😂

But you never know he could become a legend......
England have won again tonight against Netherlands in the Euro 2024 semi-final and are now through to the Euro 2024 final against Spain!

England had a questionable penalty given in their favour, but they more than made up for any lucky advantage with a goal that was only slightly offside (and disallowed) and then with Ollie Watkins scoring an excellent goal to put them ahead in the 91st minute.

It's coming home!

Highlights of the game below:

Feeling vindicated I was right about Ollie. Best in the West and best in the world!

A Bowen start for the final would fix me, but I know it's probably not happening. I could live with it just being Trent.

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