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Does my mom have Aspergers?


New Member
Hello all,
I'm on here because it has been suggested that my mother could have Aspergers I just wanted some input on the matter.
She is middle aged.
As children my mother would share all her feelings with me and my sibling. From a very young I'd say around 4, my mother treated us kids as her personal diary. Sharing often times inappropriate information you would not share with your young children. Such as fights she had with our father, issues she had with our grandparents, her sister, brother, weight loss, money problems etc. she has been comforted about this, as it led to huge emotional issues later in life. She denies she did anything wrong. Claiming we wanted to know details of her life, and we didn't hear 1/2 the really bad stuff. She believes telling us she was protecting me.
She zones out a lot. Has throughout my childhood. She blasts music, locks the door and is not bothered. For hours and hours on end. She Would get violently angry if we wanted her attention while she was zoning out. Or diatribes her because we were hungry. She blames this on depression. I have no doubt she is depressed but this behavior is interesting.
She is obsessive with religion and waiting for the end of the world. She can memorize and quote anything from the bible, but can't remember my best friends name. She can talk on and on about it. She does not pick up social cues someone is not interested. She even has a hard time getting sarcasm. I used to think she was slow, but the fact that she can memorize and study crazy amounts of bible passages like scholar leads me to think otherwise.
She cannot emphasize. She cannot put herself in someone else's shoes. Even pretending, she just cannot do this.
She does show empathy to me if I cried or needed attention. Very flat affect. Comes off uncaring.
Not affectionate, never really gave hugs.
She is highly influenced by other people. She has about 100 conspiracy theories.
She could be child like at times. She would get my siblings and I a computer game, then fight with over computer time to play the game. Literally kicking 8-11 year olds off the computer so she could play her game.
Does have any friendships, cannot keep a job. Always a social issue with another person. They never treat her right.
Any help is appreciated. I don't know if there is something different about her, or she just never cared about us growing up.

Thank you
Could be. I think it would be important to know what she was like as a child though, as this is where you're at the core of your being, not influenced too much by your environment.

It would also be worth exploring if any of your siblings have autism, since it is a genetic condition, often passed down from parent to child. A parent who shows some autistic like traits, who doesn't have a great understanding of how to comfort another during moments of sadness, who works in medicine or as an engineer. This can end up magnified in their child. Doesn't always work like that mind you, sometimes it doesn't get passed down. But the more of you there are, the more likely there is a sibling with autism at some level.
No offense intended, but your description of your mother sounds like my mother, who was diagnosed late in life with Borderline Personality disorder. This is not to say that Aspergers may not be a part of the picture too, because I have known people who had both.

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