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Does anyone else worry unnecessarily?


Well-Known Member
I am a terrible worrier and it drives me and others bloody bonkers. Like today for example, I was trying to get hold of my Mum as she was suppossed to be coming to meet me for my lunch break and deicided that it would be easier for her to meet my wife (as I owed her some money). I text her at about 8am ish to tell her the change of plans, then tried her second phone about 9:30... by this time I had already started to feel worried, then emailed about 10ish and then not longer after starting panicking and having stupid thoughts that something might have happened. Texted my wife to tell her to contact me if she heard from her and also texted my Dad (who hardly ever checks his phone anyway haha). Not long after this she text back saying she went to the shops and forgot her phone.

I proper get myself into a tizz and worry myself and make myself so tense that it's hard to think about anything else.

Anyone have or experience anything like this?
Oh yes! PE lessons, parties and social confrontations are my specialty. My imagination will transform the upcoming event into something so unimaginably terrifying that the eventual reality pales in comparison. I suppose it then works out quite well for me, actually.
Some classmates used to say,

'No worries, mate! You got a long way to go, why worry, everything will flow.'

Indeed, I might sometimes worry excessively about some things I cannot control. Like not having enough money, not really looking good, not being presentable, not saying the right things at the right time, and not doing the right stuff.

Why worry?

We only have one life, one world and we got only one us, each of us. We are unique. Unless what we do really harms others, just do it, because it makes us and perhaps makes the world around us happier, eventually. :)
I use to worry more, to be honest I'm cutting back. Engulfing myself in my interests has had a great positive effect on me. When I am doing what I like to do, i feel no worry, stress, anxiety, or any of that. I am filled with a completely competent and confident feeling. But as soon as I get around people they're energy starts to eat away at this, break down my confidence. I have been trying for a long time to get rid of this, but seems impossible. I suppose that is part of what it means to be Aspie.
Yah Oh I am so there with you. I have been worrying about things. I worry about worrying too much. I worry so much about people too nad about my schedules and how things are supposed to be an what if that doesn't go the way its supposed to go and it just goes on and on...but Mostly I worry about friendships and social interactions and how I just don't get them most of the time but I try so hard.
I'm not really sure if it's unneccesary, but quite often I do worry about things that might potentially pose a problem in my current situation. Perhaps it's a good thing, but I tend to it a lot.

I never worry about other people, and I might be a bit egotistical like that, but I only worry about me and my situation.

Another thing in terms of worrying... I tend to want to finish certain tasks/projects before I move on to the next. It's hard for me to stop, do something else and move back into it... that process can take me 2 days to re-adjust again. So with that, if I have to take care of something, I kinda hope I do not have anything else going on, because otherwise I'm finishing what I'm doing first (and if it's something of a personal project, those things can take up from a day, to 3 to 4 months) and then attending to the other business. The problem however is that every second my attention isn't fully on whatever I'm working on, I tend to fall back into a worrying state about the other matters.

The upside of this kind of "behaviour" is that I rarely leave stuff lying around of days and take care of things right away and my mind is fully devoted to thinking it through and coming with a solution.
every second my attention isn't fully on whatever I'm working on, I tend to fall back into a worrying state about the other matters.

The upside of this kind of "behaviour" is that I rarely leave stuff lying around of days and take care of things right away and my mind is fully devoted to thinking it through and coming with a solution.

I can see how that would be a benefit. I frequently find myself overwhelmed by all the tasks I have to do - namely homework and social functions - and I have this annoying habit of subconsciously searching through my mental calendar for the next big worrying event, and obsessing over. I usually just remind myself that this isn't the first time I've been so hsrd-pressed, and things have always fallen into place at the end on earlier occasions Teachers often talk about the stress of exams - i I ever catch myself feeling stressed, I remind myself of how lucky I am compared to so many other young people in the world to even be doing exams, and to not know of many things more stressful. Scavenging for food and running from bloodthirsty militia is worth stressing over - this is just a little trivia quiz that's very challenging, but there's not THAT much at stake.
That way of dealing with "problems" works fine... but it drives one up the wall if I can't resolve this issue because of practical issues. I remember that schoolexams always where a mess in the sense that I started learning pretty late for those, just so I wouldn't be caught up and waiting until I had it done. but for instance, if I have to sent out an email or a letter somewhere (so basically something that's not appointment related), I get to it right away. So the waiting for something usually contributes in worrying over something.
I constantly worry and this has been the case since i was very young... I worry about my siblings, I worry about my mum... I worry about college... It's just incessant, at college I usually get so overwhelmed and worried about the amount of people i often go and sit in the college library

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