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Does anyone else not care much for Wrong Planet?

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Agreed. I feel I can relate much more to people here so I only use Wrong Planet on occasion just for the forum games if the forum games here are slow.
Yeah; I kinda liked it but the constant complaining from a few notable members got too much for me

Also, here is much better, and there's even a proper chat room
I have an account on that website by the same name, but I do not visit it often. I occasionally browse on it, but I go to this forum to actually post beyond an introduction.
I figure one interactive web domain for we on the spectrum is plenty. And this one fulfills that role.
No, too busy. Overwhelming number of new threads and posts, mine ignored because they get buried within a couple of hours by all the subsequent threads/posts.
I don’t really know what Wrong Planet is.

This was the first forum I found in my initial search, I haven’t had the urge to go in search of anything else.
I read a little there, but every time I go there now, I get one of those weird site takeover ads claiming I've won something. I quit trying. HATE HATE HATE those things. I think they're viruses or something.
Agreed i hate that place. Such a negative attitude and hard to use interface. If my teacher hadn’t recommended this forum I would of never gone on another autism forum.
There are a lot of misogynistic people on WP. And a few racist ones as well. But tbh, I find this site a little bit slow and boring. There doesn't seem to as many forums or topics that interest me.
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I have a account there but I never use it,i did go on there a few times a few years ago but I just found it hard to talk to people and it seemed a bit cold so I decided to not go there anymore.
I've been on Wrong Planet daily for years. To me it's just a forum like any other I've ever been on, which has been quite a few.

AC is formatted much better. But it's also a lot less active.
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I read a little there, but every time I go there now, I get one of those weird site takeover ads claiming I've won something. I quit trying. HATE HATE HATE those things. I think they're viruses or something.

The admins that run the place are, frankly, lazy idiots. Always have been. You think it's bad NOW? You should have seen the days of frequent bot rampages. You'd go onto any given section of the forum, and the ONLY topic you would see, repeated over and over for 25 pages, would be bot-spam. NOBODY did anything to prevent this, and it would take AGES for any of the MANY admins & moderators to bother to do something about. As someone that moderates a frequently-attacked forum myself, I can say, the process of dealing with the things isnt exactly rocket science. But they cant manage it. And on top of that, the site is ALWAYS corrupted. Always. It uses.... Cloudflare (I dont know how I can emphasize my disgust with that) and has many of the usual problems of a Cloudflare-infected site that is also run by idiots. The place has zero protection against hackers and bots. None at all. The current form of corruption tries to shove users onto some godforsaken Youtube channel, probably advertising some super-shady service (I have no idea what specifically it leads to, as the corruption wasnt even done properly and the shady link is broken. Even the hackers are lazy...) and it's been doing that for MONTHS. The admins have done nothing. NOTHING. They never do. Damn fools.

And when the moderators actually DO stuff, it's typically stuff they shouldnt be doing. They're the sort that just give in to the whims of any user for any reason. If someone just outright doesnt like you, or merely disagrees with something you said? They can "attack" you by siccing the braindead mods on you. I had someone try to do that to me once. The jerk didnt like my personality, so he tried whining about it and saying things that werent true to the mods. Only reason it didnt work is because A: I saw it coming, B: reacted before he actually did it, and C: am extremely manipulative, so I ended up being the one with control. And frankly the fact that it was so easy to bend the mods to my will is rather depressing. Even if it was done for defensive reasons. Arguements always lead to stupid crap in that place and people are banned for no freaking reason. Well, no good reason, anyway... often the cause of a ban is some user flinging the mods at another user, as I described above. Have watched it happen many times. As someone with moderation experience myself, I can say that most GOOD moderators would find their behavior appalling.

Honestly, the place sucks. I still go there, but that's purely because they actually have a gaming section... something this site lacks. Not to mention other sections this place is missing. This site remains the better of the two by far though.
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