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Do you play a musical instrument?


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I play the alto sax.
I like playing La Bamba, The Tempest, Spiderman, and some Christmas song I dont actually know the name of.
Used to play a nylon stringed guitar. Have not in many years. When I did, they were mainly folk songs and pop and swamp rock. Think I prefer singing over playing an actual instrument.
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Played Trombone in Middle School for Band; didn't do good, only did it in Grade 7, didn't bother in Grade 8

Used to play Guitar as well, but not as much anymore; plus they're both in storage still and in kinda bad shape as well... both necks are bowed and the strings on both would need to be replaced

I used to be able to do the Meow Mix Jingle, along with the 7 Nation Army Bass line, Thunderstruck and Back in Black, Day Tripper by The Beatles; not in full at all however, mostly just the intros :p
Playing piano, I mostly stopped when I started being depressive.
The recent thing I really took a liking in, is Dog wrestler waltz by exurb1a, my largest problem is and was is that I still fail to place my fingers where I want to.
Not yet, never played any instrument and I doubt that I'll be able to. I'm uncoordinated and have a poor sense of rhythm; but I bought a bass guitar just recently. I just need to get an amp so I can get started.
I want to learn to play Curry Nochi Rice first because it sounds fairly simple, but I don't know if I'll be able to. I really don't want to begin by learning Smoke On The Water, lol
I was/am a percussionist. In high school I was in pretty much most every band- marching band, concert band, wind symphony, orchestra, pit orchestra and also played in a punk/rock band. I had everything covered. :)
I play the keyboard/Organ.

One of the main tunes I play is a version of "10 Green Bottles" as heard on the PC version of Lemmings.

If I could record it and upload it somewhere I would.
Used to play the violin....until I dropped it and wasn’t allowed to have a new one. I think my dad was relieved.

I am trying to take the piano. My skills aren’t great because I keep forgetting the keys. My sibling has put down colored stickies for me to get it but it’s still a work in progress...
8 years of piano lessons when I was young - I'd walk there with my $1.25 and piano books. About age 12 I'd stop at a pay phone, call my piano teach and tell her I wasn't going to be able to come that day and go hang out with a friend for an hour. When the piano teacher called my mom and asked if I was ever coming back, my mom decided to let me quit. lol My left hand doesn't work so I could never play well with it - but could play about anything with my right (just doesn't have the same sound, lol)
Always wanted to learn guitar, but same thing. So now since I got a harmonica I'm working on learning it. :)
Recorder at school, then flute but never got very good at that. Started dabbling in electronic music in my late teens and spent several years composing on keyboards, drum machines and samplers through my 20s. Got quite interested in the Amiga tracker programs for a while and enjoyed pushing them past their supposed limits.
Was never much into playing other people's songs but I did a few adaptive covers I quite liked on my own or with bands. Ones I remember as being pretty good include Tainted Love, Personal Jesus, You Really Got Me, Nowhere Girl and The Song (We Go) - an Ultravox album track with a very cool percussion section ;)
Haven't done anything musical for years though.
We used to sing Beatles stuff at school, main one we did was Penny Lane, but we did "When I'm 64" as well.
I play some piano/synth/organ. Favorite organ song to play is House Of The Rising Sun by The Animals. Out of the handful of synth songs I know, favorite to play is probably Young Turks by Rod Stewart. I primarily play bass, been playing since I was 15. Favorite song to play (certainly not the toughest) is probably Crackers by Barbara Mandrell. A good one that wakes me up is Rio by Duran Duran. Or TROUBLE by Travis Tritt. Out of thousands of songs it's hard to choose.
I learnt recorder at school, like so many British kids. I was expected to move onto a "proper" woodwind instrument when I was older but three years of orthodontic treatment put paid to that, so I stuck with recorders and eventually passed Grade VIII with merit.

This was the piece that really opened my ears to how brilliant the recorder can be made to sound, specifically the second movement (2 min 45 sec in) which I learnt for treble recorder Grade III:
I am not a musician by any means but about 3 years ago I picked a 5 string banjo and been practicing it daily ever since. What started as a silly and almost random experiment turned into something really meaningful. Being routine driven helps with regular practice and I seem to be able to concentrate on it easily. Not a virtuoso by any means but turned into something I enjoy quite a bit. I play Bluegrass 3 finger style which is arguably a pretty technical style.

Other than the cultural implications, the main thing that attracts me in a banjo specifically is the tone of it. Guitar sounds bland to me. Fiddle is ok but not quite my thing and I'd probably never learn it well. Other instruments don't even register on my preference radar.

Feel no particular connection with the musical crowd. Not particularly drawn to play with others, although this is something I'd benefit from, but not looking forward to engaging in social riddles more that I already do.

Anyway, curious to hear if anyone plays an instrument and what do people like about the experience and the specific instrument of choice.
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I can play the piano reasonably well. I had lessons as a kid, but I don't play much now.

I can play very basic guitar. I took a class last summer at the local community college. But right now my guitar has a broken string and I need to find the strings we bought as replacements (not sure where they ended up) and figure out how to replace it.
I dabble in the Melodica (by ear).

I like to play my cabasa.

I'd like to try the theremin, but its sound freaks my wife out so she won't let me get one...
But right now my guitar has a broken string and I need to find the strings we bought as replacements (not sure where they ended up) and figure out how to replace it.

If it's anything like banjo it shouldn't be too difficult to replace. Aggravating perhaps if you stub your fingers :)
I tried learning to play the guitar when I was a teenager but never got good at it even though I would practice every day. I sometimes think about buying a synth but I don't know if I have any musical talent.
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