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In the aspergers centre where I attend. There is a staircase that leads up to the staff office and some service users stamp their feet I assume they don't realise they are doing it and I read some aspies lack tact maybe that's why. (They don't seem to be doing it as they are angry). But loud noises can disturb people some aspies in particular. I have heard. Has anyone else heard of some aspies stamping their feet?
I usually walk on tiptoes because I don’t like making noise, so pretty much the opposite.
I stamp my bare feet on the floor. It's more like a slapping sound that for some reason I like to do when I am happy.
In the autism centre where I attend, maybe a friendly reminder could be given to ask people to step lightly as when some people go upstairs it sounds like their banging their feet, aspies have extra sensory issues like very sensitive to loud noises, to log out of public use computers and not to run as this could frighten more sensitive people and people could be carrying a paper cup of water. And a friendly reminder could be given to service users not to handle lunch items with their hands, when there is cutlery available, some people don't want food others have touched with their bare hands or some people may not want possible remnants of pork or other meats, due to being vegetarian or religious reasons. People could have to miss out on lunch which 3 Saturdays in a month is supposed to be for all service users. (the staff used to have signs up about logging out but they were taken down and haven't been put back, I did mention about the lunches but the staff still allow people to touch food items including pork and other meats with their bare fingers and not provided cutlery and the building allows service users to drink alcohol on Christmas Day, legally I am not sure that is allowed and I heard people change under the influence of alcohol and can become unpredictable)
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