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'Childish' hobbies

I guess what could be called childish is my doll collection but also my collection of disney princess movies but they bring me joy and doesn’t matter how childish they are.
Hey there!

Funny thing but I've still got my stuffed toys lying all around and a small cards, tazos and figures collection that I started as a kid. To think these things are already so old... And that I like these old themes even more than I used to.

Well, what about you? Got something that would be considered 'childish', 'immature', 'weird' by most population? Not only collectibles or hobbies, feel free to share any funny or not cases of habits and traits ;)
This isn't really a hobby because I don't do it normally, but I'm secretly mesmerized by shows like "Dora the Explorer". Pretty much anything with a story is intriguing to me, even if it's an overly simple story meant for toddlers.
I still have an infinite fascination for rocks and geodes (purely for what they look like and what they are made of). I still research them and get really excited when I see them in the stones sections of museums or gift shops. I guess you could say they rock my world. But in all seriousness, they really do.
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I still have an infinite fascination for rocks and geodes (purely for what they look like and what they are made of). I still research them and get really excited when I see them in the stones sections of museums or gift shops. I guess you could say they rock my world. But in all seriousness, they really do.

It reminds me of my old rock collection. I used to collect rocks, especially from places I haven't been to before. I had hundreds of them. I was able to save only a few that I use to stim by swirling in my hand these days.
I've mentioned this before, but I draw cartoons. It's a passion and natural talent I've had since I was a little kid. I also compulsively hoard -I mean COLLECT- all kinds of dolls and stuffed animals. I've also made them by hand, mostly based off my own cartoon characters.
I guess one could assume that my house filled to the brim with Disney toys is childish...I prefer to think of it as amassing a nest-egg of rare collectibles (which I would never, ever, in a million years sell, but still). Thank goodness for the added bonus of OCD! I like to think of it as "organized hoarding", so I can collect tons of stuff, but at least it's all neat and in it's own special place (or room, depending on the character).

But I also think it's a by product of my parents giving away all my toys to my sister because I was "too old" for toys (I was 10 at the time, my sister was 3). I proceeded to destroy most of them so she couldn't have them (as well as most of her toys too), which helped my emotional state tremendously (although it didn't do much for my behind once my parents got done with me). She ended up with a toy box full of new toys, but at least they weren't mine, so I was still happy, sore rump and all.

When I moved out at 17, I made it a point to replace as many of my lost Disney toys as I could (which is what started my collection in the first place...well, that and trips to Disney World). So I'm not sure I can say that I collect Disney toys because of my ASD childish nature (which I do have in spades), because I'm trying to spite my parents (which I still want to do at 47), or because I just love Disney. It's probably safe to assume it's all of the above.

If I think about it though, no matter what I've collected throughout the years (even phases that didn't last...bless the New Kids years) they have all been what most people would consider "childish". Most of the T-shirts I wear daily are shirts that are Disney or Marvel or something of a geek nature that a 12 year-old would probably wear. I don't care that my co-workers don't know what "Rand Enterprises" is (the shirt I happen to be wearing today). It makes me happy and I guess that's all that matters.
At one point in my adulthood I collected diecast toy cars, Dinky Toys, Corgi, etc... Does that count? I have now moved onto collecting vintage photos...
Hmm, so yeah I'm totally a geek so I have a lot of geeky stuff laying around my house. Things like comic books, Star Wars models or toys (I used to have a bunch of action figures displayed in front of my Star Wars book collection, until my ex stole them all & sold them on ebay...), Star Wars or SF themed framed posters, model kits, as well as stuff like Dungeons & Dragons or other RPG materials, figures, wargaming figures ("toy soldiers"), etc. Geek is sort of in these days, but in the past I've had family tell me I need to grow up & get rid of this stuff. My solution was to stop caring & just be who I am.

I have my Snoopy stuffed toy that I slept with as a child and my favourite Peanuts comics. I have my childhood cowrie-shell and rock collection and I still collect them at 46 yrs old! I Still have my Family Tree House from the 80’s. My biggest treasure is the button and badge collection I used to rummage through EVERY time I visited Nanny and Poppy. I still rummage through it and add treasures to it.
I'm in my mid-20s and I still love stuffed animals as much as I did when I was a little kid. They've always been like friends to me. It's always been hard for me to feel safe and secure around real people (sometimes even around certain family members), so my stuffed animals (and other toys) always made good fill-ins.

I like other toys, as well, such as My Little Pony "blind bag" toys, Smurfs, vinyl Disney Tsum Tsums (they make them in both plush and plastic), Safari Ltd. and Schleich animal figures, and die casts of the Disney/Pixar Cars characters.

As others have mentioned, I'm also super into all kinds of animated movies and cartoons, especially Disney and Pixar movies. I loved Coco from last year and am really excited for The Incredibles 2! I also really like Steven Universe. The characters are really likeable, relatable and multi-faceted (no pun intended, since most of them are anthropomorphic gems :tearsofjoy:) and the over-arching story the show tells is getting really interesting! Animation is certainly not "just for kids" as some people might think! :grinning:
I have to admit I was looking at Transformers & GI Joe figures on Ebay last night...
Videos games, mainly RPGs, but especially JRPGs which are supposed to be aimed mainly at teenagers based on most of the characters, I'm 48 years old, and NO I won't "grow up", I really don't care and I'm not hurting anyone.

I was never into stuffed toys or any inanimate objects even as a child however like cuddly toys or even model cars, instead I only liked toys that did something or even better Mechano and Lego where I could build, especially when I used a motor, but by the age of 7 I was playing chess and working with electronics building small radios Etc., I must have been the only 7 year old to spend all my pocket money on electronic components and wires. Then at 10 years old I was introduced to computers in 1979 where I was soon writing complex programs and a little later also playing video games as I still do. Even as an adult I have no appreciation for ornaments or other inanimate objects however, what do they do? Absolutely nothing and I can't see the point in wasting money on them. All my life I also have had no interest in fashion either or even music, clothes to me only fulfil a purpose and I used to hate it when I was brought clothing for Christmas or my birthday.
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Video Games and Card/Tabletop games (Magic the Gathering, Yugioh, the Final Fantasy TCG and Warhammer 40K) for me
I do mostly the same, although a different choice of card games. I have to disagree that games of any sort are childish. Playing is as childish as sports or painting or playing music is.
I have a few hobbies that could be considered very childish by most. While most of my childhood toys are long gone i still have my mickey mouse plush which has been with me for almost 15 years, and still sits high on a shelf in my bedroom till this day. Every once in a while I'll take him down to cuddle with at night, but i would do it every night if i didn't care so much about what other people think of me.
One more childish hobby i have is that i like to watch a lot of little kid shows from time to time. I watch plenty of adult shows too like stranger things and the office, but i often find myself going on YouTube to watch episodes of bear in the big blue house!

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