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Aspie living in England named Daniel: come in!


New Member

As the title says, my name is Daniel. I am an Aspie living in the North of England, currently studying and trying to solve various problems associated with Asperger that I have.

Even though now I have mild Asperger (specially compared to myself in previous years and to other people), I still have some traits that I want to solve (or reduce), so without wasting time, I'll ask three of them:

1: I get bored very often. Specially when I am not doing physical exercise nor being with someone else; when I am some hours without being physically active, I start to feel tired. However, in the North of England I experienced that the culture is prone to loneliness and the city I am in is quiet with few activities, therefore, there are a few external factors as well (not saying that my boredom does not include internal factors, but the external do play a part). As well as that, I do not know how to be spontaneous, I always do something with a purpose or objective in mind, but I see that this makes most things boring and the result should not be the main aim, yet I have no idea how to do this. How do I solve this frequent boredom?

2: It's very hard for me to be focused on the present; I am almost always (mentally) somewhere else, in time and/or place. However, I admit that when I am on a travel I am enjoying a lot I am VERY present. At home, I can live the present for a few hours in a day, but the rest of the hours are spent on overthinking. How do you live the present?

3: I overthink, specially over-analyze. How do you stop thinking too much on trying to solve problems and/or analyzing everything?

Many thanks in advance.
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As for the boredom but need a purpose for activities. Try hiking/walking with the purpose of seeing where you will end up if you decide to go right or left by flipping a coin. Works with driving, too. Anyhoo, I know and have known and have done that sorta thing and found it was interesting. Another time I traveled around Kansas looking for what I refer to as 'spring toys' in playgrounds. Keeps things somewhat spontaneous but also has a goal or purpose. I am a planner, right down to bathroom stops, love maps, packing and re-packing so I understand somewhat about the difficulty being spontaneous. You kind have to trick yourself a bit. Right now I am planning a trip with someone who hates to plan so I have to trick both of us:rolleyes:.
Hi Daniel and welcome. I live in a remote place in the south of England which is probably equally as lonely and with little to do. I agree with kay's advice about having a purpose for your activities. One thing which helped me a lot growing up was playing darts. It keeps you active, keeps the brain focussed on something and no matter how crap you might be to start with if you stick with it you will improve. There are lots of different games you can try on the board, they are pretty inexpensive really and you don't always need someone to play against . I found continuously throwing at the same number for hours at a time very calming as I liked the repetitive nature. Just an idea, maybe worth a try?
welcome I'm in the north-east of England walking is soothing I can barely walk now.
i'm learning to sit still but its a war every day
Hi Daniel, welcome to the forum. I'm also originally from the North of England, and get bored easily.
I can relate to this a lot:
As well as that, I do not know how to be spontaneous, I always do something with a purpose or objective in mind, but I see that this makes most things boring and the result should not be the main aim, yet I have no idea how to do this
I find it hard to motivate myself. I often have projects going, such as adding tags to my music files, or investingating albums on recommendations lists, and that keeps me occupied. Also, coming here to this site keeps me occupied.

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