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Aspergers and White Nationalism

Hello! My brother in law has asperger syndrom. He is about 35 years old. Me and my boyfriend are living at his parents place for a while, and the brother lives there too. He's been very nice so far and we've had a good time here. But two days ago he started spinning out about white nationaliam and Donald Trump. He said horrible things about the holocaust, black people and poor people. And when we didn't agree with him (we said we wanted to talk about something else) he became very angry and shouted at us. It's been two days since then and everytime he sees us, he starts shouting again. It's like a lightswitch. We can't hide in our room for the rest of the time.. The family seem to walk on their toes around him, but I think that even though you have a syndrome you can't do whatever you want, can you? He's a very large man,and when he's shouting like that, threatening us not to go near him, it scares me and my hearts starts racing :( is there a line of when to say enough is enough? How do we go forward with this without triggering him?
Very thankful for some answers!
Being an Aspie doesn’t mean you can’t be a jerk.

It sounds like his family feels they have to agree with him and he is now a brat. Doesn’t your boyfriend know how to handle him?
Hi and welcome...

I don't remotely have any answers if he cant be calmed down... Its none of my business but maybe he stopped taking meds, or they changed them... I can totally understand why it upsets you... It would upset me deeply also.

I would say you will find a lot of answers on his actions on here... NOT REALLY... Of all the conversations I have been involved in... NOT ONE has gotten escalated or threatening.... Never to say he's not on the Spectrum, BUT its a vast Spectrum with lots of overlaps... He may have other issues that are playing a much bigger part... Of course I have no idea. I don't pretend to know this guy, but maybe someone else on here has some good sound information for you.

I do hope things get better for you very soon... : )
I think you'll find people here on the spectrum of autism pretty much stack up similarly to Neurotypicals relative to the broad spectrum of politics.
Sounds like an NT I used to know. Nothing to do with autism at all. Best thing you can do is find another place to stay because almost anything will trigger someone that angry.
Yikes. Not autism. Most aspies I know are kind!
Please don't link those two. We have enough problems. Aspergers may effect how they behave but does not give them their political opinions.

Are you sure he has a autism diagnosis? He might have other issues (Schizophrenia?). But just a small bit of advice. When dealing with someone with mental illness, sometimes its better to hear them out rather then try and bottle it up.
You are quite right that it does not excuse his behaviour and probably, what happened was that his parents had no idea what was going on and so, pampered to his needs.

I do have to add though, it is not actually in our nature as aspies, to be confrontational about anything. Yes, we are passionate about our favoured subject, but we are not loud and aggressive, so me wonders if he has a misdiognosis?

I was introduced to a female aspie not so long ago, but immediately thought: she doesn't have aspergers and well, it was almost like she was wearing all her dignosed issues as a badge and I nearly laughed when she said she has aspergers and autism.

For every obvious aspie, getting misdiognised, it is quite logical that those who are not aspies, get misdiognsed as aspies.
Sometimes a meltdown can look like agressive behaviour and they might shout a lot, and I've seen some Aspies with some quite radical ideas about things, but I agree with the others that it sounds more like a personality trait, and of course having Asperger's is no excuse for verbal abuse. I would try to get out of that situation as soon as possible.
Correlation does not imply causation. For example, I live in Virginia and I drive a Toyota. Does this mean that every Toyota driver lives in Virginia, or that every Virginian drives a Toyota? Of course not. It's the same way here. Some of us auties are left-wing, others right-wing.

About those melt-downs. I have to confess I sometimes melt down when I'm overstimulated. So I am alone in my home a lot. Maybe sit down and ask the person if they need a timeout? Naturally, I can't give orders or anything, but maybe this would work?

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