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Are You a Hypocrite?

Galaxy Freeze

Well-Known Member
Does anyone ever accuse you of being a hypocrite? Or do you know you're a hypocrite by heart? I know I am in some ways.

I will get annoyed by sounds people make, yet I make them myself and they don't bother me. Haha. And I hate it when people act obnoxious (like in class), but sometimes I know I probably am. And I probably contradict myself without being fully aware of it, like when my mom says, "Wow, you should listen to yourself right now." But doesn't tell me what's wrong with my argument, I hate that.


Well-Known Member
Hypocrisy, Lying, Intolerance. We're all guilty of them in our own way, to our own degree. So, yes, I display hypocrisy at times. The people you really have to watch out for are those that deny that they ever display these attributes. Run, don't walk away from anyone like that.

Christian T

Well-Known Member
My little sister once accused me of being a hypocrite because I am an incredibly affectionate big brother who's constantly hugging and kissing my little sister, yet the sensation of unexpected touching reduces me to a wriggling, giggling mess.

I think everyone is hypocritical in at least one respect. Many people feel opposed to the terrible working conditions and pay that many factory workers are subjected to, and yet most of those people continue to buy their products. Anyone who gossips disparagingly about someone who is a gossip is certainly hypocritical. Lots of people complain about the number of cliched, formulaic movies that constantly come out of Hollywood, yet most of these people continue to contribute to their box office earnings.

Many things in life are just much easier said than done.


Well-Known Member
I don't like the word hypocrite because it is often used to accuse people of things they are not intentionally doing. I'd rather call someone malicious for acting intentionally harmful. But often times hypocrite is used against the ignorant. I don't find that kind of name calling helpful.


Active Member
I am usually convinced I am not being a hypocrite and say that I hate hypocrites but I also think about this: I really wouldn't be friends with myself. I don't think so anyway. So while I get annoyed with A LOT of things other people do, I find myself doing the same things.


Well-Known Member
V.I.P Member
I think everyone is prone to a certain degree if hypocrisy if you dig deep enough.

I don't think I'm a hypocrite on purpose by saying something and eventually saying the opposite, but there are plenty of things one could dissect and put within a perspective that refers to the opposite. I wish I had any recent and clear examples at the moment though

Slim Jim

has glasses,shirt,hair, just need jim charisma now
I always talk 'trash' about people who litter. And how bad it is. And I'd never be like that. So one time, I was holding on this empty food containers, and this woman with me, starts laughing, like mocking me, like "just throw it in the bushes, " "why are you going over all the way over there to put in n the bin" etc I'm like "LOOK, if I do that, I'd be a Hypocrite....no better than all the litterers I'd always called scum..." And I promptly teased her back. So that' was my own ego trying to be consistent with my own words there.

But I'm not gonna be consistent every time, it depends on what it is. The context. I'm not a robot. I'm no more an hypocritical than anybody else. But on certain points I am pathological and unwavering.

There's also a thing called changin your mind. That's actually a sign of intelligence. People who don't change their minds, well society loves those people. They are 'consistent' reliable' therefore useful to exploit. Society hates wehn soembody coverts religion, or chagin politcal convetions, or just changes their lifestyle/ pov. They are quickly labeled hypocrites.


Well-Known Member
I don't think it's possible to not be a hypocrite in some realm of existence. There's areas of ethics and morals I know I am not a hypocrite at all but there's other areas in which I fail despite trying hard not to be. Ultimately in these areas where to err is human, ethical and moral people are found in their willingness to accept responsibility for the error when it's discovered and work toward mitigation of future occurrence rather than trying to hide it away like it never happened.


Well-Known Member
V.I.P Member
My initial response was OMG yes

I know I am one of those who asks of others what I do not ask of myself

Silhouette Mirage

Super Nerd
V.I.P Member
All of my harsh judgements of other people are just the things inside of myself that I despise, which I guess automatically makes me the worst hypocrite. I try to have more positive things to say about even people I don't like very much because ultimately, it's always just a reflection of myself; when I see good in others, I see it in myself again and become less hypocritical in the process.

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