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Are you a coffee drinker?

I absolutely cannot go a day without coffee. I am a little finicky about what I drink though. There’s an online vendor that imports raw coffee beans from around the world. So I like to roast and grind my own. Dark roasted from Central America is spectacular. I am okay with the caffeine as long as I don’t overdo it. I know my limitations.
I only use coffee for emergencies. I asked my friends if I should be joining them in regular coffee drinking and got an immediate chorus of "Nooooo!"

Are you a coffee drinker?

I do have one mystery to solve, is coffee suppose to be good or bad for an autistic individual?
The only "bad" effect of coffee is the mild stimulant of caffeine. And then it is only bad if it leaves you feeling overstimulated. OTOH some people feel perpetually tired so, for them, coffee is a Godsend.

The answer is yes, no, or maybe. How sensitive are you to caffeine? Is it a morning pick-me-up or an all-day love affair? Half-caf or espresso? Black or milked to death? (Like mine) Are you chugging a cup on an empty stomach or are you sipping it slowly with your breakfast? And if you are not used to it the answer is different from someone like me who has been drinking it his entire life.

If coffee is "bad," then there's a LOT of other caffeine sources you need to avoid.
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Coffee has the opposite effect on me than most people and makes me fall asleep. I used to use coffee and cans of monster to help me sleep when I was struggling with insomnia. I think it's known as a paradoxical effect and can be quite common in people who have ADHD which I also have.
There have been some indications that caffeine aids in settling down people with ADD and ADHD. It isn't anywhere near as strong a stimmulant as Ritalin though.
Love it.
Hot with cream/no sugar.
Iced with vanilla creme.

It has a calming effect for me also.
Only problem is I can't drink too much due to IBS and with only half of liver
from cancer.

In fact, I am nauseated right now because I had two coffees after dinner.
Should know better and keep it to one. Probably the caffeine.
I love coffee, I love the process making it more. I admit, it I’m one of those guys that with a scale and a timer that grinds beans with a manual mill just before using it. Favorites are v60 manual drip, clever dripper, french press, nanopresso, chemex, …

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