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After Christmas talk: What you gave and what you got


Concept machine
I got my dad two Ultraman Z shirts for Christmas; he got me a box of rubber bands which I added to my own rubber band ball to make THIS!

Oh, and a giant tv I don't know where to put. So, what did you guys give and get?
I got a american flag, calendar,fridge water filter,thermal underwear ,dress belt and cash we got mom a new stove and dad a apple ipad
I gave nothing and I got nothing from my family. I'm 100% broke due to my van project and now my car is having issues.

One client bought me a box of chocolates.

I gave nothing and I got nothing

But again I did receive blessings from my family, and they did provide me with 200 dollars in case I need to buy something

So I did get something and I’m good
I got a new weighted blanket from my mother - I love it - I gave her a CD-player/DAB radio that she wished for, my daughter got a gift card for clothes and some cash. Not a Christmas gift, but I gave my fathers sister one of my sunflower lanyards at Christmas, she had never heard about the sunflower program, but I had two, so I was happy I could give one to her, as she wanted one when I told her about what it meant to wear one :)
I gave myself the new cookware I wished for with a gift card from the medical group my primary care belongs to.

I bought a matching set of friendship rings for myself and my house share partner.
He had lost a ring that had sentimental value to him, so I got the matching pair.
Rosegold with mahogany inlay.

He gave me a nice amethyst terminal point pendent.
I didn't do any specific giving this year as I tend to give people and charities things over the course of the year.

I got a day off, which I really appreciated after a month of 60-hour work weeks.
I end up too busy dealing with the social part of christmas to do the giving part. Is alright though, there's no expectation. I'm also the type to give people things when the opportunity is there rather than on tradition basis. Don't like trying to figure out presents.
Was given some more plants, that was nice. I'm keeping 4 in my bedroom now. There's a scene in a movie I watched long ago that stuck with me. It was an indoor study room almost covered in plants. Like taking the outside inside. It's not very compatible with attic sunlight, but it's something I think about.
Husband and I got our son some Milwaukee Tools.We got him a couple 18 volt impacts in 1/2 and 3/8 drive,M12 impact in 3/8 drive and a long reach ratchet in 1/4 drive.Our daughters,youngest got a couple pairs of Jeans she always wanted.Oldest,she did get a couple pairs of earrings.Husband did get me a few redhead items.He knows I am a proud redhead.One was a redhead parking only sign.Husband,I did get him a fishing pole and some antique fishing lures.

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