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ADHD and Hyper-systematizing


Active Member
"More often than others, people with autism engage in systemizing – attempts to understand and build rule-based systems. The mechanism behind the increased frequency of such behavior in autism is unknown, however. The assumption has long existed that emotions exist to motivate behavior, and there is now much evidence that people with autism tend to have stronger, more easily elicited emotions than the average person. This appears to be the cause of increased systemizing in autism – through a negative and a positive emotional pathway: There is evidence that autistic people want control more strongly than do others. This is often so, says the hypothesis, because strong negative emotions, other things equal, make lack of control feel more aversive than it does for most people. Systemizing can increase the feeling of control and hence reduce the negative emotion. Positive emotion can also motivate systemizing in autism – fascination and attraction more strongly felt and more easily elicited than in other people."

New Ideas in Psychology
Volume 41, April 2016, Pages 18-22
New Ideas in Psychology
Systemizing in autism: The case for an emotional mechanism

"Perfectionism is the most common cognitive distortion reported in adults with ADHD."

"Procrastination is an avoidance behavior. Imbalances in motivation can occur in people with ADHD, as they tend to hyperfocus on tasks they deem interesting but procrastinate over tasks they deem tedious. People with ADHD may also experience a resistance to taking action due to some emotional conflict with the task."

Literally me.

I'm also kinda sick at the moment, so everything seems extra hard. I have headache everyday. I think I might have ADHD. I might have had it all along, and never noticed.

So anybody else, have the strong desire to know things, systemic knowledge, and do it all perfectly? I think I've had that desire for most of my life. I don't know if it is so much a desire to construct anything, more to analyze, organize, coalesce and understand data, facts, information. Knowledge for knowledge sake.
I was diagnosed with ADHD a few years back. I laughed at how the questions were identical to the one's you get online for free. If you score highly on this, then it's more than likely you have it:

I recommend Scattered Minds by Gabor Mate. He's a specialist in trauma, stress, addiction and has ADHD himself and wasn't diagnosed until much later in his own life.

One final thing - this video was so profound, and is by a man who specialises in working with people with ADHD. It was very revealing and made me happy and tearful - as I felt understood:

Okay, Thanks. Video is 28 minutes though, I might ..not..make it. :eek:
I watch most things in pieces. More because of my strange anxiety than ADHD, but it could still work. Just do one little snippet at a time if you want to.
Dont think I have it really, I think it was just a sinus infection, headache, and I couldn't concentrate. Luckily the pains in my temple, which I thought was gonna give me an aneurysm, have gone away.

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