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  1. apolloidolsice

    How to become better at being a woman?

    Hi there! I'm afab but I've never been good at being a woman. I've always been the loudest, most dominant in the room if I'm with other females. I don't have the energy to wear tons of make or use skin care. As a child, I related more to movies like the little rascals and Scent of a Woman...
  2. apolloidolsice

    autism and womanhood

    Hi there! i'm AFAB/female (questioning my gender atm so i don't wanna call myself a woman). My autism affects every part of me, even my gender. I've never really felt like a woman and have never fit in with the other girls. I'm less submissive and louder than most women i meet. And i'm really...
  3. Slim Jim

    They are the opposite sex, but come with the same personality as you

    What would be your reaction, to such a person. Positive or negative or just neutral. Both of you have the same personality, attitudes, interests, opinions. Have all the same idiosyncrasies. And don't say, well, I'm ugly. I would be repulsed by somebody like me. Just imagine, She/He is very...
  4. Valya81

    Hello hello

    Hi, my name is Valya. I am excited yet worried about pursuing diagnosis because of the way in which I've seen others discriminated against. I really love reading and personality type systems, so I think that's why I've gone undiagnosed for so long. I fixate on relationships among communities and...
  5. A

    My life-changing autism diagnosis 2021-06-22

    My life-changing autism diagnosis As a woman with autism you're likely to receive a diagnosis much later in life than if you are a man with the condition. Why is that and what impact does a late diagnosis have? Kim Chakanetsa is joined by two autistic women who are speaking up about their...
  6. AngelaS267

    Doctors Ignoring Women's Problems.

    So I had to talk to a psychiatrist this morning about my depression. This has been a huge step for me. This is the first time in my life that I've ever gotten help from professionals with my anxiety and depression. I am very grateful, and happy to be getting this help. However, I have noticed...
  7. I

    Does it sound like I have Aspergers?

    Hi! I'm 24 years old, female. I've been to several psychologists and doctors looking for an answer and they either tell me they've never heard of my symptoms before, or they disagree on diagnoses. Sorry if this seems all over the place! Since I was a baby, I've always had little repetitive...
  8. The Gentle and Brave Writer

    Feeling physically safe with a man

    I feel safe with my date of these days. What I mean by “safe” is the physical part of being safe, and I’m not referring to the lack of fear of being abused by him (that’s another horrible fear, but not the subject of this post. To clarify doubts, I feel safe with him in that aspect too). I mean...
  9. The Gentle and Brave Writer

    The movie of our lives

    There's several situations that worry me at the moment, but a few seconds ago, I got swept by "my" locker at the pool where I come to swim everyday. It looked beautiful, simple and colored coordinated. It could become an original picture of these times, not just mine, but everybody's. Like those...
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