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  1. Beanfinity

    Recovering from burnout - re-entering the realm of socializing

    A year ago was when I came to realize my autism-ness and also realized I was in the deep trenches of a burnout. I didn't know what I had been doing was masking for my entire life. I have been isolating myself for about a year from neurotypical social outings (group activities, dinners/nights at...
  2. N

    "Masking" and "unmasking"

    So in an attempt to unpack my social aversion and figure out how now to go out in the world, knowing I'm an Autistic person, I wanted to air out my thoughts on this topic and hopefully, glean some diverse thoughts and opinions on the matter. I've come to the realisation that everybody masks, for...
  3. malu1ce

    Just got diagnosed. Any tips?

    I got diagnosed this week and I'd like some tips that could help me understand myself better. Do you guys keep your autism as a secret? Would you recommend me trying to unmask? How do you guys deal with executive dysfunction?
  4. R

    Understanding one's true nature on the edge of the spectrum

    Hello everybody! Believe it or not, as a 55-years-old with 30 years of experience in the media, I'm new to forums in general !!! So I'm very, very interested by and excited about further exploring what it means to live on the edge of the autism spectrum. I came to realize that I was on the...
  5. YancyyyComet9000

    How do I stop masking?

    I have realised I have been masking ever since I started high school. I never really knew that I was doing it or what it was at the time. Now I'm out of high school and I have had the opportunity to get diagnosed, but sadly that hasn't led anywhere so far. My parents aren't that bothered with me...
  6. GeminiSagittarius

    Trying to take the mask off

    I’m masking my whole life and I have no clue how to safely unmask. Not just about masking my autistic traits, but also my personality in the process. How can I find out what is really me and what is copied from others? Has anyone some experience with the unmasking process and has some advice...
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