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  1. S

    I am seeking some advice from the community as someone who is undiagnosed but feels a strong connection with autism

    Hi, everyone. My name is Sophie (nickname is soap or soapy) and I am 24 years old. I hope you'll stick with me through this post cause I am positive it will be a long one. First and foremost I want to say that I am not diagnosed with autism and I also do not want to self diagnose because it...
  2. S

    Could it be autism? Diagnosed with CPTSD and feeling very confused.

    Hi, everyone. I'm new to the forum and hoping to get some insight regarding CPTSD and autism. I have been officially diagnosed with CPTSD for quite a while. However, my partner (professionally diagnosed with autism) has pointed out many behaviors that could be traits of autism. We compiled a...
  3. C

    Help…..I’m a neurotypical daughter of a neurodivergent mum

    I’m going to try not to give too much backstory to this, since it’s somewhat long. I’ve known since I was a child that there was something very different about my mum. She’s now in her mid-60s and has a plethora of health issues, both mental and physical. She doesn’t speak to most of her family...
  4. YancyyyComet9000

    How do I deal with overstimulation when my family don't understand?

    How do I deal with overstimulation I'd my family don't understand? Whenever I'm overstimulated I just have to act as normal. My family have picked up on how I don't like physical contact so they often try to hug me or touch my shoulders and on those days its just so much worse. My family...
  5. Streetwise

    Suicide and percentages of diagnosed and undiagnosed Autism in the uk

    Study reveals high rate of possible undiagnosed autism in people who died by suicide
  6. h.hartzzx177

    Hello! I am new to this platform.

    My name is Blaise and I am new to autism forums. I have diagnosed adhd and I'm awaiting diagnosis for asd. I like rocks, pinecones, psychology, and art. I hope everyone is doing well
  7. P

    AFAB, 18, and currently seeking a diagnosis

    I've always struggled with "meltdowns," figuring out the ins-and-outs of everyday social interaction, making and keeping friends, pretty much all of the textbook high-functioning autistic traits throughout my life. I always thought I was bi-polar, or that something was just plain wrong with me...
  8. gallerypiece

    hi everyone!!!!

    hello everyone! i am new to this site and would like to find other people to talk to and share my experiences and feelings, especially for people who haven't been diagnosed and want to feel validation and not feel so alone. so, about me. i just recently turned 20, i am a female and i was born...
  9. edo18vm

    I am on the spectrum?

    Hi everyone, I am a 26 year old cisgender male and I am not sure if I am on the spectrum and I would like to see if someone has a similar experience to mine and maybe I could get some advice from diagnosed people. So let's start from the beginning. I am a quadruplet, born in Costa Rica and...
  10. superstarbucksstan


    Hi, A bit about me - I live in NYC and my therapist thinks that I may have ASD based on six sessions of evaluation and discussion. When I ask friends, many of them disagree with this notion. I am mid 30s, would consider myself high functioning, though I do have traits and habits that support...
  11. A

    I believe my dad has aspergers - would it help him to know about it?

    Hello everyone! I strongly believe my father has aspergers (or is somehow on the autistic spectrum). My sister's therapist is the one who first mentioned the idea, following that I did a lot of research for months, and everything suddenly clicked. We found the courage to talk about it to my mum...
  12. JoyChaos

    beginning to understand

    that moment you start to realize that you are not feeling anxious when you get dizzy in large crowds, rush hour at work, bright lights overhead, but in fact feeling sensory overload. I'm picking it up more. right now it still takes me a while to go "OH! the lights are too much, Oh! the sounds...
  13. G

    Does my dad have Asperger's syndrome?

    Hi there! My dad is a 65 year old father of 3 adult children (me being one of them). All my life my fathers personality has been very painful to me. As ive gotten older, my parents divorced and now it's even harder to be around him for me. I also feel extreme guilt of my feelings toward my...
  14. S

    Hello, I'm writing on here to get some help from others who have experienced this life first hand.

    I'm looking for some ideas how to help a young undiagnosed child who though i'm not doctor I believe experiences Asperger's syndrome. He is not and will not become diagnosed because the other adults in his life believe the behaviors he has are defiant tantrums. I'm not convinced of that and am...
  15. parsley

    ADHDer, maybe autistic?

    Hi, I just discovered this place a couple days ago, and apparently this is the best place to start. So, I figured out I have ADHD a few years ago, after reading an article about undiagnosed ADHD in women (lower rates of diagnosis stemming from the difference in symptoms between boys and girls...
  16. S

    Does my partner have Aspergers?

    Obviously I can't take a quiz on his behalf, but I don't want to confront him with my suspicion in case I am wrong. Recently I looked up Aspergers online and suddenly a lot of things made sense. His personality traits: - can't do small-talk, often doesn't wish to talk about how his day was - my...
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