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tv series

  1. whalewhalewhale

    Favorite TV Shows?

    I love tv shows. If anyone really likes a show and I've watched it (I'll include a list below) feel free to message me and we can talk about it. Shows I'm up-to-date on: (in a-z order not counting The as a word i.e The Office starts with "O") The 100 3% The 4400 American Vandal Arrested...
  2. SusanLR

    New Quirky Series...Dispatches from Elsewhere

    I watched the two hour special last weekend for this and it seemed so odd I wasn't sure I'd like it. But, I rewatched the first hour and I think it is going to be interesting. Yes, the events in it are twisted and strange, but, it appears to be a very elaborate game that was designed to make...
  3. Jenisautistic

    (new video) Punky Brewster theme song cover

    does anyone remember this show? I use to watch it when I was younger on DVD. I really related to the character of punky since in always really lived with my grandmother in a building when my grand father was alive he was there too but passed away when I was 6 or7. also punky reminds me also...
  4. Bella Pines

    Netflix recommendation request

    I really enjoyed Star Trek discovery, I can relate to Michael Burnham, especially episode 7 when she says; "but tonight, I face one of my greatest challenges so far. Tonight, we are having ... a party". I also liked Big Bang Theory, Once, Gods of Egypt and Sherlock. Does anyone have any...
  5. Mary Anne

    Anthony Bourdain Committed Suicide At Age 61

    Anthony Bourdain found dead “by hanging” in a hotel room. I am extremely saddened by this breaking news. He was a wonderful, world reknown tv show host and food/travel writer. He had a lifestyle many millions admired and envied.- traveling all around the world to exotic places eating and...
  6. Bella Pines

    CBS/Netflix show: Scorpion

    I'm a huge fan of 'odd ball' shows, Big Bang Theory, Sherlock etc. So thought that the CBS/Netflix show Scorpion sounded promising. A bunch of people with the usual personality disorders working together, I thought I might be able to relate but; <cringe!/> It's awful! Aside from improbable...
  7. Butterfly88

    Job Seekers with Neurological Conditions Sought for Award-Winning Documentary Series "Employable Me"

    Found this on Twitter and thought it may be of interest to some. Twitter Link: Liz Alderman CASTING (@CASTINGgal) | Twitter
  8. dragoncat16

    How are aspies like superheroes?

    Just for fun, let's list the ways we are like superheroes. I'll start: There are lots of fictional works in books and on TV depicting a group of people (e.g. mutants, aliens, etc.) who are shunned by society because of fear or regular everyday bigotry. It brings to mind our situation as aspies...
  9. zeroninja

    Anyone else here excited to check out American Gods or the next season of Chronicles of Shannara?

    I hear the American Gods series pretty much perfectly follows the book so far and I can't wait to see it once I have my own internet again! Also, MTV dropped Shannara cause it was too adult for them, but oh well now Spike TV has renewed it for season 2 starting in October! For those that have...
  10. JellyBean

    What characters do/did you find relatable?

    What characters that you've watched, read or listened made you feel happy or less alone with your diagnosis? Like what characters did you find relatable as a child and up to now. I remember as a small kid I related to Fumble from Happy Feet, Fluttershy from mlp and Luna Lovegood in the Harry...
  11. Crossbreed

    The Good Doctor (TV-USA)...

    Is anyone else looking forward to this series?
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