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  1. furkandorum

    Am I Autistic?

    Hey, i'm 17 and i think that i might be autistic. I can't explain the reason (cause i don't know it) but i can't talk to my parents about this. It just seems impossible to me. So, i can't get any professional diagnosis for now. So, i'm trying to put a self-diagnosis. Here are my scores on...
  2. Nemesis_2k7

    Anyone wanna share their results?

    I hope this is allowed. i am curious. I did the test at Aspie Quiz and my results are --- not working. how do i upload an image to this site? I would like to see others results, if they feel up to doing said test. Simple curiosity is all :)
  3. EuclidWasRight

    Neuropsychological Testing, IQ, WAIS / WISC, etc.

    I'm starting a separate thread on this. I was looking at my old WAIS-IV test scores. I didn't really know what they meant. The psychologist explained the test, but it wasn't enough. I looked for more information about the tests and what they are supposed to measure. I hope the links are...
  4. zurb

    Pooh Pathology Test

    Pooh Pathology Test How do you score? I was very low on Tigger, about 50% on everyone else, but slightly raised on Piglet.
  5. Jenisautistic

    Just got some tests diagnosed with intellectual disability as well as other stuff

    Hi I just recently got diagnosed with an intellectual disability as well as another diagnosis of autism language disorder dyslexia ADHD and I believe 1 or 2other things My iq is 68 but my adaptive scores are pretty low so they diagnosed me with moderate to severe intellectual developmental...
  6. Daydreamer

    Broad Autism Phenotype (BAP).

    I am curious if anyone here feels as though this term fits them. Personally, although I am not autistic, I do exhibit some traits commonly associated with the condition. Mainly how I get overstimulated by sensory information, sometimes flap my hands or pace when stressed, can be a bit...
  7. Daydreamer

    Some thoughts on various Autism quizzes.

    I know that they are just random tests on the internet, and shouldn't be taken too seriously on their own, however I do have some thoughts on the matter that I'd like to share. First off all, some of the questions I've seen on a few of them are downright bizarre, for example "Are you attracted...
  8. britterfly

    I am new here!

    So, I am new here. A recently diagnosed friend directed me to this forum, as he is under the impression I may also be on the spectrum. Can anyone point me in the direction of reputable online resources for a self-diagnosis? I am quite curious, as my friend and I connected quite well instantly...
  9. AsynchronousAxolotl

    Timed Tests

    I have always struggled with timed assessments. I don't know if it is an autism thing or simply a universal human annoyance that I'm just overthinking, but I would really appreciate some input from others on the spectrum. The earliest incident I can remember was during second grade testing for...
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