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taking turns

  1. Joshua the Writer

    Count as High as Possible Before a Moderator Posts

    Rules are self explanitory. We count as high as possible before one of the moderators, such as tree or Nitro, post. Take turns. We start again after they post. I'll start . . . 1
  2. tree


    NAME GAME (The Secret Meaning of Names) This is an alphabetical word game. Using either a first or last name, describe the (imaginary) person by using words, in order, based on the letters of the name. EXAMPLE: Ann Amiable, Nerdy, Nice Betty Boisterous, Energetic, Trusting, Trustworthy...
  3. tree


    MUTATION Surprise! :) You've been permanently altered. :confused: What now? o_O To play MUTATION: Post a pro and a con for having that mutation, and leave a mutation for the next player. EXAMPLE musical left nostril Pro: You have a constant soundtrack for your life. Con: Really hard...
  4. tree


    FEELINGS is a word chain game. Use the last letter of the word in the previous post as the first letter in the new word. All words will pertain to feelings/emotion/state of being. EXAMPLE excited depression nervous silly yearning etc... Spoiler contains links to 7 sites with 'feeling'...
  5. tree

    One plus Two = Something New

    One plus Two = Something New Starting with 3 words, the first player picks a word and then adds two new ones to make a new phrase. Phrase length remains 3 words long. (1 old & 2 new). EXAMPLE :) love, heart, warmth your cheating heart cheating never pays never never land land of dreams....etc
  6. tree


    PUNNY NAMES Make up names (A to Z) that are silly, but look/sound like real names! Use a first and last name. (Including a middle name is ok.) The names will go in alphabetical order, arranged by the First name. One per post, taking turns. :) Example Ann Soforth Big Dipper Canna Beans...
  7. tree

    A to Z WORDS that END in a VOWEL

    A to Z WORDS that END in a VOWEL Take turns going through the alphabet, offering a word that ends in a vowel. :) Example: apple banana cabana devote.... That's it. Alphabetical and your word needs to end in a vowel. :cool:
  8. tree

    Answer a QUESTION with a QUESTION

    This is a game in which each post answers the previous post with a question. How simple is that?
  9. tree

    The -ATION Game

    This is an easy game of taking turns posting words that end in the suffix "-ation." Words that end in "-ation" show the action or process of doing something. Which of these are "-ation" words? motion domination factoid completion simplification :)Sure----domination & simplification. One...
  10. tree


    CHANGE ONE WORD Change one word from the previous poster's sentence to form a new sentence. Example: First: He took the onions to his mother. 2nd : He took the muskrat to his mother. 3rd: He took the muskrat from his mother. 4th: I took the muskrat from his mother. 5th: I took the...
  11. jmnixon95

    Count to 1,000

    Let's count to one thousand! Starting... 1
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