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star wars

  1. Skeletor

    Star Wars A to Z

    Same game as the Trek thread, only Wars. Name something from Star Wars, beginning with the next letter of the alphabet from the previous poster. Alderan
  2. S

    Re building my Star Wars collection

    I been a star wars fan my whole life and I used to have a lot big 12 inch figures all over my room I don't know what happened to them they might have got stolen or something I still have a few nice star wars stuff and I'm going to re build and try to expand my collection do you have a star wars...
  3. S

    Star Wars Original Trilogy Supremacist

    Some people hate the Prequels so bad that they don't count them they don't call a new hope they just call it Star Wars they call the first one is called episode 1 Empire Strikes Back episode 2 Return of the Jedi episode episode 3 have you ever meat anyone like that?
  4. S

    What type of Star Wars fan are you?

    Their are many types of fans let me know if their was one type I did not name
  5. It's A Trap!!!

    It's A Trap!!!

  6. S

    Which Star Wars fraction would you fight for Jedi Civil War /Old Republic era

    This is Knights of the Republic keep in mind this is Legends not canon since the jerks at Disney trashed the expanded universe
  7. S

    Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic trilogy

    So I heard they might be making a new Star Wars trilogy and it might be based off the Old Republic this is really exciting to me ! I love the video games the characters are awesome ! And I'm not a big fan of the new movies I am personally excited about this I hope it happens I'm a big Star...
  8. S

    Which Star Wars Bounty Hunter is your favorite?

    I'm only going to do the two most famous ones Jango and Boba Fett
  9. S

    Which Star Wars faction would you fight for? Clone War/ prequel area

    Now I'm doing the prequels I know both sides are clones and droids but just pick a side
  10. S

    Which Star Wars faction would you fight for?

    Which Star Wars faction would you fight for? Please note I'm sticking to the Galactic Civil War
  11. S

    Favorite Star Wars planet?

    What's your favorite planet in the Star Wars universe? Which planet would you like to go to my top two favorite planets are Naboo and Tatooine
  12. S

    Star Wars Canon and legends

    So when Disney bought Star Wars the expanded universe novels comic books and video games that were published before Disney bought it became what you call Legends which means it's no longer Canon they did that so Disney can make room for their stuff but anyway which do you like better Canon or...
  13. S

    Darth Maul back from the dead!

    So if you remember in The Phantom Menace when Darth Maul got cut in half and we all thought he died but according to official Canon he survived they brought him back in the Clone Wars and Rebels TV series which I personally don't watch and I think it's garbage and they brought him back in the...
  14. S

    which Star Wars Trilogy do you like better?

    Please note this is not include the Disney trilogy or the movies that they make
  15. M

    Limited edition Star Wars Macaroni & Cheese and Everett

    Superstore delivers more than 400 boxes of Kraft Dinner for B.C. boy with autism Nanaimo family received a truckload of limited-edition Star Wars Kraft macaroni and cheese A six-year-old boy with autism spectrum disorder in Nanaimo, B.C., has more macaroni and cheese than he could ever have...
  16. The Penguin

    Stop Motion Photography

    After creating time-laspe video building a Lego set as noted in my post, Time-lapse Photography, I decided the next project to explore stop motion photography. The first project was building an Star Wars puzzle of Kylo Ren. It is a lot of work doing this alone moving one piece, take a picture...
  17. J

    Hey guys I need some help and it'll take like 2 seconds

    Hello, fellow aspie here! So at my school we're having a contest and I need your help! Everyone in my graphic design 2 class made a T-shirt design and the top 5 will be printed and sold at a festival nearby. The ones with the most likes on Twitter and Instagram get chosen! It would mean the...
  18. Join The Galactic Empire!

    Join The Galactic Empire!

    Head on down to your local Imperial recruitment center today!
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