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  1. S

    Autism Young and Adult comparison?

    My son is 7. Autism Spectrum Disorder high functioning but Behind on speech. I am wondering if anyone knows of a source or videos that show someone that had Autism when they were young, and how they have progressed to now in adulthood. I figure this Then and Now comparison would be more...
  2. Vindicator Phoenix

    What Matters, to You, in a Conversation?

    For me, I like: warmth and sympathy noticeable body language (facial expressions, gestures, etc.) smiling/smirking eye contact slow speech people getting my attention, before speaking (instead of sneaking up on me and unloading a rant) diplomacy/democracy non-directiveness friendly voice tone...
  3. SusanLR

    Voice Masking

    Through my life I have become very good at masking to fit in. Or at least I hope I have and not just fooling myself while others still may be thinking I am strange somehow. Today a cashier who started talking with me on one of my interests ask if I was British. Suffolk in particular. This has...
  4. AngelaS267

    I feel like my speech is getting worse.

    Hey guys. So Ive been noticing that my speech hasn't improved much since I tried to work on it 4 years ago. As a person with aspergers, I was the child that didn't speak much at all. So much so to the point where people would come back to me later and life and say they were concerned with how...
  5. AHClemist

    Nerd Mode, activate!

    Do any of you drastically change the way you speak when someone asks you about something you are interested in? I've noticed I will change my tone of voice and style of speaking to something much more presentation-like rather than the usual conversation style. The last time I actually gave a...
  6. Jenisautistic

    Anyone nonverbal sometimes ?

    Hey everyone sometimes I feel like I just can’t get any words out to anyone.sometimes Even if I want to talk I just can’t I feel trapped inside myself. Or feel like I’m being too repetitive. Anyone else feel like this?
  7. Cinnamon115

    Can your pet understand you when you talk to them?

    Sometimes when I talk to my cat, Cinnamon, I feel like he understands what I'm saying. Like once he was meowing about a pile of wood that was in his favorite spot, and I said, "Don't worry, it won't be there forever." And he seemed to calm down. Anyone else's pets seem to understand what you say?
  8. MomtoFourMI49221

    Could we be leaning toward a Diagnosis??

    Hello, I am hoping someone can help me ease my anxiety while waiting for our upcoming appts. I have a 17 mo who has been referred to Early On (its in Michigan) it is for those who might have developmental delays, speech, Autism, etc. What sparked this is at the age of 17 mo he says one word...
  9. J

    'Preaching' not talking

    Hi everybody. This is my first ever online autism forum. I read the thread about Aspie speech, and joined because while some described characteristics or 'problems' rang a bell to me, nobody mentioned my problem so I thought I would. Maybe somebody has a similar one? I have been accused of...
  10. Cinnamon115

    My Dad trying to correct my speech

    This is a little tough to explain. When I'm talking to people that I don't know very well, I have no speech issues because I try to talk "normally". However, when I'm home I talk in a way that feels natural and easy to me, like I have a habit of tacking an 's' on the end of the last word of my...
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