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special interest

  1. AutisticMilly

    Past Special Interests

    Some people have one special interest their entire life. But, some are like myself and get a new special interest every few years or so. I was reflecting on my past special interests and decided to make a list of all the ones I could remember: -Dinosaurs -Dogs -Outer Space -Pokemon -Dolls...
  2. C

    Sustaining passion for a Writing Project with Autism and Suspected ADHD?

    Even this forum post feels exhausting to start writing and is giving me a slight headache, which I guess is one sign of where I’m at. I don’t have an official ADHD Diagnosis. However, I do have Autism, and am on an NHS Waiting List for an ADHD Assessment. I have lots of passions in my life, but...
  3. autism-and-autotune

    One of my pieces got a premiere last week!

    I'm very excited and happy :) This has only happened a couple of times, where professional musicians have played my music in public. I really hope that more opportunities like this happen, even though I'm really embarrassed by the video footage they used of me >_< Here's a link to the...
  4. Chameleon In Recovery

    Nice to Meet you :) Merry Christmas

    I wrote a LONG message pouring out my heart and soul to you guys and it’s lost . :( I was really excited to chat about my current special interest: Autism (lol) to ppl who actually GET IT and understand. Maybe I wasn’t meant to share my dark and twisty past with you all right now. HI ! I’m...
  5. AluxCinAmoon


    Hello, I'm Alexandra. I have either Asperger's or high-functioning Autism (different doctors have said different things), and I'm here because I'd like to learn more about my condition, as most things I've read have been written by NTs who honestly seem not to think very highly of us lmao. My...
  6. Foggy

    Animal behavior?

    My longest lasting obsession has been on animal behavior, cognition and welfare. I am currently unable due to physical and mental health to go to school to learn about it, so I am educating myself through books, videos and MOOCs. Is anyone else interested in this area? I would love to discuss...
  7. S

    Does anyone have a special interest with time zones and electrical plugs/voltages?

    I have a special interest in time zones and electrical plugs. Does anyone else also have a special interest in time zones and electrical plugs/voltages?
  8. Y

    Looking for a new special interest or at least something to get invested in

    I've been looking for a new series to get into and have it potentially turn into a special interest, but I'm having a hard time finding one. I'm looking for something in the sci-fi or fantasy genres that focuses heavily on war and or action. The more lore it has the better. I normally prefer...
  9. Equals Tuesday

    What's the Difference Between an Idol and a Special Interest?

    Hello, everyone. This is my first time writing a blog on this site, but God has been pressing something on my heart lately that I need your help with. I'm a high-functioning autistic high school student, and I notice a lot of times in my youth group that I don't relate to the way that the pastor...
  10. Dalia

    Finishing a project to do with an obsession

    Hi, I've had a special interest for a specific show (in particular a specific season of that show) since the end of 2019 and when the show ended mid last year it was really difficult for me. To have something to hold onto for it I started turning the season into a book because I enjoy writing...
  11. Gerald Wilgus

    Happy Belated National Fossil Day

    It was Oct. 13 and I missed it. I enjoy paleontology and the view of deep time that it provides. So for a real treat here is something from a fascinating site, the Ashfall Fossil Beds near Royal Nebraska. It taught me that Nebraska is not flyover country. Here is a view from the Rhino Barn...
  12. callmeriver

    does anyone else have an Astronomy Special insterest?

    one of my special interests is astronomy and I was wondering if anyone else has the same special interest
  13. V

    "Emptiness" without Special Interest?

    Does anyone else both not have a special interest/obsession or anything, but feel like you should have one but not in a "you need one to be autistic" way? Moreso I mean feeling like you need something to completely focus on and maybe obsess about but not having anything like that, and therefore...
  14. N

    Anyone else have this relationship with their obsessions?

    So the very big 3 in my life right now are, space, drawing and writing. While I am extremely obsessed with space, the other two are a bit different for me? I've always liked space but recently I've went on an info binge and its gotten to an intense point which I can say this is definitely a...
  15. Jenisautistic

    Special Olympics

    I am finally in started September October I believe of 2020 what do you guys think of SO?
  16. Jenisautistic

    post a picture about what makes you unique

    i am very playful and colorful and cheerful I like to do "kid stuff" like coloring and drawing i am a bit like Riley from inside out
  17. BrokenBoy

    Trolling people online.

    I love trolling on the internet. Despite generally not feeling that much joy at all, despite being around enjoyable things, making others feel pain for my benefit is an exception. Whenever I see someone react as expected to whatever my latest scheme is, I can't help but laugh hysterically like...
  18. H

    What are your favorites?

    Heyoo to you! What are your favorite... ... tv shows/webseries? ... movies? Cartoon movies? ... bands/musicians? ... games? ... books? Is there anything else you really like/love? What's it? Sometimes I don't have anyone to talk to about my special interests. So just made a list of them!
  19. BrokenBoy

    Can autistic fixations be sexual in nature?

    There's this one sexual act that I keep obsessing about.. I can't help myself from thinking about or fantasizing about it, even when I'm not horny or in the mood for sex at all. The sexual act on it's own, regardless of the context or circumstances makes me really happy for some reason. Could...
  20. C

    Special Interest targets as humans?

    Greetings Everyone: I'm going to get roasted for this one but please hear me out: I absolutely adore the fathering autism youtube channel (link below) to the point of having a crush on the nonverbal autistic daughter Abigail Lorraine[^3]. Note that I would never do anything to harm her or her...
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