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social security

  1. autism-and-autotune

    Those who have dealt with the SSA--was my experience common?

    This may be a vent here but I appreciate all your input. A while back I applied with the Social Security Administration, and my interview was quite recent. It was, in short, a mixed bag of issues and I fear I am not alone in this realization. It was via Telehealth, as the location in my state...
  2. autism-and-autotune

    Do I have a right to be angry, or is it childish?

    I'm the only member of a family of four who has had the opportunity to learn of my neurodivergence and do something about it. I highly suspect that both my parents have things going on in their brains, but due to not being willing to address said divergencies, both my older sibling and I were...
  3. Andrew206

    Appeal to Social Security Appeals Council

    I appealed my Social Security denial to the Appeals Council and they recently sent me a 25-day letter, which gives me 25 days to send additional information and arguments to them. I hope something good comes out of this.
  4. Andrew206

    The Rationale Behind My Social Security Denial

    I got the decision on my appeal last Friday. Here are the key points as explained in the decision: I’m insured for disability through December 31, 2025. I haven’t done any substantial gainful activity since August 3, 2018. My impairments are depression, anxiety, and autism. My impairments...
  5. Andrew206

    My Social Security claim was denied

    Unfortunately my Social Security claim was denied at the appeal level with an administrative law judge. I’ll get the actual ruling soon. I know the Appeals Council takes a long time with appeals to them, and I’m thinking about appealing my case to them.
  6. Andrew206

    My Social Security Hearing Today

    I had a telephone hearing before an Administrative Law Judge for Social Security disability today. A Vocational Expert was present. That individual said there were some jobs in the national economy for me, but a job at 15 hours per week (what I’m doing now) wouldn’t be competitive. I...
  7. Andrew206

    Looks like I have a representative for my Social Security disability claim

    I’m poised to sign paperwork to hire a non-attorney representative to represent me in my upcoming Social Security disability hearing. I’m wondering what it’s like to have a non-attorney representative work on a disability claim.
  8. Andrew206

    Received a denial on my reconsideration for Social Security disability benefits

    My letter states in part that the available evidence demonstrates my conditions may limit my ability to perform some types of work, but not all types of work. The letter also says I can perform work without extensive training or social interaction. Also, Social Security doesn’t have enough...
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