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social media

  1. Joshua the Writer

    Crabber.net: A Twitter clone with extra features and none of the toxicity

    So, a friend of mine introduced me to this site called Crabber, which is basically a twitter clone. It looks extremely similar to twitter, but has no annoying ads and it does not actually have the toxicity that comes with being on Twitter. I have been using it for about a day, as well...
  2. G

    Aspie Twitter?

    I started a Twitter Account for my website to spread the word about it, and I’m wonder if there are any Twitter Accounts I could follow or the like that could help spread the word. I know Twitter is a toxic place, I myself don’t have my own personal account on there, but I want to spread the...
  3. OnyxM

    The social media 'attention' on autism

    So I'm navigating a well known pictures and albums/pins platform trying to find posts regarding autism and autistic people and I'm suddenly swarmed by hundreds of posts, most of which are about either 1) autistic kids or 2) the PARENTS of autistic kids. I get it..parents of autistic kids are...
  4. Neonatal RRT

    A real doctor watches The Social Dilemma

    So,...I am on this forum. I also find that I am logging on to this forum,...a lot. Why? One part of my brain is like, "My people,...I can relate,...I can share." Altruistic thoughts. The other part of my brain is like, "Why am I constantly logging on?" "What do I get from this?" "Why am I...
  5. Autistamatic

    Why do autistic adults & parents of autistic kids often not get along?

    Over many months I've engaged with parents of autistic kids who have been scared by what they've seen from autistic adults on social media, and many autistics who have also been discouraged from engaging. These problems are not so noticeable on a forum like this due to the active moderation of...
  6. blue_bird

    Facebook trouble

    I've never used social media before, and I was apprehensive about using facebook. i decided to make an account since animal adoption sites post a lot of photos of adoptable pets on facebook. Since i'm looking to get a new pet, i thought i'd give facebook a try. anyway, i make an account...
  7. Elly Gay

    Participants required: Autism, Social Media & Quality of Life

    Autism, Social Media & Quality of Life Study Introduction: Hello, I'm Elly and I'm a Psychology student at University of East London. I also have a sibling with autism. About the research: I'm investigating the relationship between social media use and quality of life in adults with autism...
  8. J

    8yo Autistic Boy Talks About Having Autism & Meltdowns On Social Media

    This is my son and is from our YouTube account where we vlog, play video games and upload other random stuff. We also have a facebook page and a facebook autism support group for family members of children on the spectrum. As well as a Instagram. Links can be found on this video or on our...
  9. Björn Wiberg

    Swedish student writing his thesis about people on the autism spectrum and their use of new media!

    Hi everyone! Hope you're all good! I would like to make a brief introduction of myself and to give the reason why I signed up here. My name is Björn (yeah, it has those weird dots over the "o" that we use here in Sweden. My name means bear in swedish by the way), I'm 34 years old and I...
  10. Jenisautistic

    What does everyone think about social media?

    anyone on places like Facebook Twitter Instagram etc?? What do you think about these places for people with disabilities?? I have a Facebook and Twitter I have a Facebook since I was little but I have a Twitter recently one when I was little too Oh I also have a YouTube account. But for...
  11. savi83

    Using Social Media

    Hi everybody, I've been thinking about social media a lot recently and was wondering if and how you use it? Most of the people I know add people that they have just met, people that they shared a class with at school (but never spoke to), their colleagues and bosses. I'm quite a private...
  12. The Midge

    tbh: Another App to not use.

    Facebook buys app for teens to be nice Facebook bought this social media app that teenagers use to be nice to each other. I won't be downloading it because a) I'm far too old. b) I guess no one would tag me on it anyway so I would feel more isolated.
  13. Jorg

    Is it possible to get back with someone?

    This may be 2 threads/forums in one. As many of you I also have lost many people because of my aspie perks, more recently in this lasts 2 years than in any other stage of my life. I'm regurlaly fine, sometimes an anxiety issues there and there but since I'm studing I focus in it very well. But...
  14. C

    Favorite apps?

    Hi everyone. Just wondering what favorite apps you might have and use often? Can be for iOS, android, desktop, anything goes. Can be absolutely anything you like, games, planning, relaxation, social media and so on. Have you found anything that has helped with autism specifically? Cory ✌️
  15. D

    Aspies and Social Media

    Hi, I don't do social media because I feel that it's primarily inconsequential talk that goes on it or that it's sharing very personal information with strangers. I recognize that not everyone goes about it that way, though. Having said that, how do you feel about socializing via social...
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