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social difficulties

  1. Jenisautistic

    Making the new year fresh

    In March 2020 around that time I got very delirious and started messaging my friend and tweeting on social media about him a lot you’re very on things because I was delirious nothing really terrible but may be a tad embarrassing I made a video on that social media account saying a brief...
  2. Cailan Tangaroa

    Masters Degree: I'm very very very scared

    Hi everyone, I will be starting my Masters Degree next month in Literature. Although I really want it, and I really love to study, I am terrified of all organizational/administrative and social aspects of it. I feel like I'm about to blow up just by thinking I will have to go to a new city, and...
  3. Jason O’Donnell

    I’m very scared of showing my face.

    It’s been a bother to me I get anxious when someone makes comments about my appearance even when they're compliments. Do you guys suffer a similar issue?
  4. sisselcakes

    Do you care what others think of you?

    I'm an NT and I'm wondering about something. Do you care about what others think of you? I'll lay out the scene. As an NT, I'm extremely sensitive to being judged by others. If we don't follow social norms, we feel a very strong internal "cringe" and the desire to just disappear- like a sense...
  5. spacegirlalienfairy

    Hi, there!

    Well, I am actually feeling rather shy, even scared, to be joining your forum. I am self-diagnosed, & I realized I was autistic about a year ago, by reading autistic people's own personal stories. My therapist, who I've been seeing for a long time, agrees with me & says that autism is the best...
  6. catdog55616

    s c h o o l

    For some odd reason, I have a strange sense of object permanence. In this case, if I can't immediately see a deadline (2-3 days depending on what it is), it just doesn't exist for me. Because of this, I'll have random moments where I remember that school is starting next week for me. This makes...
  7. J

    'Preaching' not talking

    Hi everybody. This is my first ever online autism forum. I read the thread about Aspie speech, and joined because while some described characteristics or 'problems' rang a bell to me, nobody mentioned my problem so I thought I would. Maybe somebody has a similar one? I have been accused of...
  8. Mary Anne

    What kind of aspie work ?!?!

    All I want to do (or can do) is hyper focus and be a studio fine artist up it’s not financially or remotely possible. Back in the 1980s, I was a professional artist who created illustrations, animations, and advertising for corporations (pre computer society). I did not have to deal with...
  9. dragoncat16

    Meltdowns at work due to stress

    I am wondering if it is a common experience to have a meltdown at work due to the stress of having co-workers treat one badly, and how it happens. I'll relate my experiences and then others can respond. What triggered my "meltdowns" was being put in impossible situations. I was given an unfair...
  10. S

    Hello, I'm writing on here to get some help from others who have experienced this life first hand.

    I'm looking for some ideas how to help a young undiagnosed child who though i'm not doctor I believe experiences Asperger's syndrome. He is not and will not become diagnosed because the other adults in his life believe the behaviors he has are defiant tantrums. I'm not convinced of that and am...
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