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social cues

  1. Jena

    So my ex messaged me after almost 2 year of no contact

    So this guy I dated for 2 years broke up with me in 2018 randomly and suddenly. He had not spoke to me at all until this last saturday which took me by suprised. To sum it up he asked if I am doing ok during this pandemic and after going off on him breaking my heart he applogizes and admits he...
  2. E

    I Wonder...

    Hey everyone! My name is Emily, and I’m 27 years old. I was diagnosed with severe ADHD at about age 21-22; Until then, I always wondered what was “wrong” with me. Since then, I’ve had quite a bit of success managing my varying symptoms with Adderall. I often wonder, however, if it’s possible...
  3. simetra

    Trust issues due to being socially oblivious

    In school, my classmates used to call me naive. I believed everything people told me because I did not even consider the possibility they might be lying to me. I did not see any reason they would. Turns out, people tend to lie, or at least not tell the whole truth, a little more often than I...
  4. Suzanne

    Eye contact IS important

    I have always felt very uncomfortable NOT being able to hold eye contact for long, but always sensed that it is an important part of being aware of another's existance and giving them dignity. Since finding out about aspergers, I have gotten better at eye contact, but mainly with ones I know...
  5. Onna

    Dating advice please

    Hi all! Sorry this is a long one. I could do with some advice please... I was texting a guy I met online, we got on well. We decided to meet, and went on a date. On the date I was very nervous and awkward, but despite that I believe we got on ok. He made me laugh and smile a lot, and I...
  6. J

    I am confused by this lady's behavior.

    This person claims she is a "healer" and she is a Native American. She claims she is a family friend and have known us for years. She comes to my house and she works on me. I haven't seen her in several years and now during our session she accused me of being "angry" and she accused me of being...
  7. onlything

    Wearing headphones in public

    What does wearing headphones to public mean? Logic tells me that it means that 'I don't want to communicate, so pass me by without bothering' but I know that I shouldn't apply my logic to others. Also, it doesn't seem to work like this on too many people. I'm asked all the time during travel...
  8. Metta

    Judging emotions vs judging non-sexual attractiveness

    Do you think there’s any similarity between someone on the spectrum trying to interpret emotional cues, and a person trying to judge how attractive someone else is (to other people on average) if they are not sexually attracted to that gender? For example, how should a heterosexual man go about...
  9. WereBear

    People give clues. Learn to find them.

    I wrote this on another thread: I credit my extensive study of body language and voice tones for my social ease (such as it is.) But one thing I am very good at is picking up the little cues everyone sends about their true thoughts and intentions. Maybe it is just me developing my intuition...
  10. Kouzai

    Physical Touching 101

    For most of my life I was not fond of being touched. Not a hug or handsome was given of my choice. I pity the punks who petted my hair or patted my head. In my teens I starting hugging out of the blue and while I know enough social norms not to hug (only people I like or tolerate get my hugs and...
  11. HughG

    How Do Aspies Progress Beyond Social & Emotional Immaturity?

    I once read the following words from another Aspie somewhere else and they really struck a chord within me, because this person actually described a HUGE portion of my life struggles---even as it is today. The problem, however, is that this was written by a teenager, yet I am far beyond my...
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