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social conformity

  1. M

    Behavior that is both normal and not normal?

    Behavior that neurotypicals exhibit is said to be normal and behavior of autistic people that intimidates them is said to be unusual or not normal. But apparently just because neurotypicals exhibit a behavior doesn't mean they tolerate it from an autistic person. When people have done that to...
  2. savi83

    So I didn't attend a colleagues wedding

    A couple of years ago a new guy joined my team. We got paired up quite a bit as he was still learning the job. He is a very emotional person and opened up to me straight off the bat, telling me that he felt low due to his girlfriend breaking up with him. This made me feel uncomfortable as I'm...
  3. sisselcakes

    Do you care what others think of you?

    I'm an NT and I'm wondering about something. Do you care about what others think of you? I'll lay out the scene. As an NT, I'm extremely sensitive to being judged by others. If we don't follow social norms, we feel a very strong internal "cringe" and the desire to just disappear- like a sense...
  4. notoriousmeh

    23 year old female, new diagnosis & unrealized social deficits due to previous substance abuse

    Hi all! My name is MB and I am a 23-year-old student in my second year of a Master's in Social Work program (not the status quo, I realize). I began going through the formal process of diagnosis with a psychologist who specializes in Asperger's (or ASD now) after being referred to the...
  5. WereBear

    Theory of Mind: topic for thought

    I ran across this in another thread: and it occurred to me that this is how they do it. I've heard Aspies described as "autism with no mental impairment" and I would agree. There is also "delayed social development" and I would agree... but perhaps this is why: Because nothing was more...
  6. WereBear

    A parable of understanding

    Ladies and Gentlemen, did you know that the best way in the world to shave is by using cheap hair conditioner? It is not drying, it is moisturizing. It lets the razor slide along. And it costs practically nothing compared to shaving cream. It soothes irritation and lets in moisture and it does...
  7. DC1346

    Howdy from Nevada!

    Hello all! My name is David and I'm the chef instructor of a rural high school in Nevada. When I was 53 years of age (and teaching in Vegas), I was told that I'd be getting a new student who was a high performing autistic. Since I didn't know anything about autism, I read up on this and as I...
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