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social confidence

  1. furkandorum

    Can't Stop Thinking About Someone I Was Never Really Close With, What's Going On?

    Last year, there was girl in my class. I fell in love with her, but i never had the self-confidence to talk with her as more than a classmate. I think this part is normal but i was always incredibly nervous around her, my social anxiety was at the top. I don't want to tell to much detail. In...
  2. OddlyGodly

    How Do You Stop Caring What People Think?

    For most of my life I have been very aware of my awkwardness and my inability to fit in which at first led to terrible decisions but has, of course, also lead to my diagnosis. I feel better about who I am and most people in my life that matter know I'm autistic and most had speculated even...
  3. Amy Stone

    How Long Do You Last At a Social Gathering?

    Just wondering what everyone's limit is with socializing! Is it easy for you or hard? Does alcohol make it easier? Do you prefer to get lost in crowds or do you prefer small gatherings? Most of the socializing I do is around adults that are drinking. I don't drink much, so the more they drink...
  4. M

    The Social aspie

    This came up in a conversation with a university friend, He’s also on the spectrum. I was talking to him about how it feels that I’ve somewhat reverted back to the reluctance element of socializing with people, that my mom wants me to make friends again and go out for coffee with her friend’s...
  5. WereBear

    People give clues. Learn to find them.

    I wrote this on another thread: I credit my extensive study of body language and voice tones for my social ease (such as it is.) But one thing I am very good at is picking up the little cues everyone sends about their true thoughts and intentions. Maybe it is just me developing my intuition...
  6. Kristina Withakay

    participants wanted for online research on social confidence and decision-making

    Would you like to take part in an online experiment on social confidence and decision-making? I am a final year clinical psychologist in training looking for participants to take part in my doctoral research project. I am looking for adults with and without autism spectrum conditions to take...
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