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social awkwardness

  1. N

    Physically difficult to maintain conversations

    I like being social, but it is physical more than mental for me. What I mean is that I can begin conversation comfortably and speak naturally, but any more than that my speech begins to degrade. My jaw gets tight, and I start to have trouble first with 'r' sounds and eventually any speech that...
  2. furkandorum

    Can't Stop Thinking About Someone I Was Never Really Close With, What's Going On?

    Last year, there was girl in my class. I fell in love with her, but i never had the self-confidence to talk with her as more than a classmate. I think this part is normal but i was always incredibly nervous around her, my social anxiety was at the top. I don't want to tell to much detail. In...
  3. autism-and-autotune

    Introducing myself; I'm new here.

    Hello there! I'm a late-diagnosed individual in his early thirties. Getting my diagnosis has let me have a lot of time for reflection and revelations. I'll try to tell a bit about myself without giving too much info. I'm a college graduate who has worked many off jobs, from retail to farming...
  4. S

    Direct eye contact when interacting with NTs

    Please reply to this thread. When I try to make direct eye contact when interacting with NTs, I feel uncomfortable, and I become overstimulated and stressed in social situations. I have some questions. 1. Why do we autistics become overstimulated and stressed with making direct eye contact when...
  5. savi83

    So I didn't attend a colleagues wedding

    A couple of years ago a new guy joined my team. We got paired up quite a bit as he was still learning the job. He is a very emotional person and opened up to me straight off the bat, telling me that he felt low due to his girlfriend breaking up with him. This made me feel uncomfortable as I'm...
  6. Jenisautistic

    Making the new year fresh

    In March 2020 around that time I got very delirious and started messaging my friend and tweeting on social media about him a lot you’re very on things because I was delirious nothing really terrible but may be a tad embarrassing I made a video on that social media account saying a brief...
  7. Lundi

    Virginity problem running in the family

    I am a 30 year old American male. My first thread on this forum was written when I was 29, about my fears about turning 30 and being a virgin. Not by choice, not by some sort of religious belief like abstinence, but rather just it happened that way without my wanting it to. I did some research...
  8. Lundi

    Do normal people really act like this?

    I am the guy who made a thread about being worried about being a virgin at age 30. Anyway, at age 26, I started attending meetups and social gatherings in my city to make friends, and perhaps if things went well, maybe find a girlfriend. So during all of the meetups since then up to now, I have...
  9. C

    Medication for Social Anxiety?

    My 12 year old son is an aspie..Up until now I’ve been able to foster relationships for him with other kids. He was always well liked and had a nice group of friends. Now that he’s getting older I can’t be so involved in his social life. He’s starting to isolate himself and isn’t initiating any...
  10. shinobi

    I'm struggling to make new friends

    I moved to Yorkshire in October 2016 and it's now August 2019 and I still haven't made any friends here, I'm worried about what to say or how to approach people. I had lots of friends back in Bedfordshire and in London, I don't know what to do, I feel really isolated, I've been thinking about...
  11. sisselcakes

    Do you care what others think of you?

    I'm an NT and I'm wondering about something. Do you care about what others think of you? I'll lay out the scene. As an NT, I'm extremely sensitive to being judged by others. If we don't follow social norms, we feel a very strong internal "cringe" and the desire to just disappear- like a sense...
  12. stuckinpain

    Socially Awkward Experiences...

    I wonder if I will ever accept that I have Asperger. I hate that I can't get any words out from my mouth in groups. It's so difficult and all I want is to be like the others.. Yes social. How do you learn to accept it? How do you learn to deal with that your social skills are terrible and that...
  13. shysnail

    Do you use reusable coffee cups?

    I think it would be a really good thing environmentally to get a reusable coffee cup for when I go to coffee places, but I'm worried about it being awkward handing it over to the staff to fill. Even though I know more and more people are using them, it still feels kind of uncomfortable to me...
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