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sensory overload

  1. Ikarus Diary

    All I Learned While Working Is That NT People Are So Complicated

    Hi. For the last two weeks, I've been a trainee at a psychiatric. As I mentioned in my last blog, I had to take care of a whole unit of patients managed by a nursery assistant who taught me. As they changed shifts, I had three different coworkers. And luckily they all were really nice and...
  2. Ikarus Diary

    I Can't Carry This Anymore

    Hi. The context of my situation is that I'm doing the final module of my course and it's practical training. My shift is 7 hours long every week day until June 30th. During these hours I have to wake up 16 patients, bath some of them, do beds, put breakfasts, give medication, clean the dishes...
  3. Ikarus Diary

    I've Dug My Grave

    Hi. This could be also in the support part of this forum, as my brain is ilogically going crazy without finding an exit. However, I prefer it to keep in here as it's an event of my life I didn't want to happen, yet it did. And no matter how many times I script situations day after day, I'm...
  4. Ikarus Diary

    New Fulfilling Experience

    Hi. Today gave me the chance to experience a very satisfying morning that I wish it would always be this calm and relaxing. As always, I went to class, taking the bus. Surprisingly, it was cooling outside due to yesterday's storms, so I felt my body slightly shivering. Once inside, the...
  5. P

    Does anyone else get physical symptoms?

    So whenever I become stressed, anxious or get sensory overload, I get a lot of physical symptoms. Some of them are so bad that they are severely disabling - and I am so confused about this and wonder if it is actually related to autism or if it's something else entirely. I have spoken to my...
  6. Au Naturel

    Interesting YouTube video.

    The topic of the video is about why the sound of fingernails screeching across a chalkboard is so irritating. But if you FFWD to 11:00 in, he starts to discuss the amygdala and various ideas relating to autism. I thought it was interesting.
  7. Bana_Boona

    Trouble with Change

    Hello, my fellow aspies. <3 My therapist and I are trying to figure out some coping techniques for when I encounter something new/a disruption in my daily routine. In the past, I've struggled a lot on vacations, and I want to be able to enjoy those experiences like the rest of my family can...
  8. ChibiChick

    Need Help Understanding

    I'm relatively new to the autism world and autism in general, so I need some help here. What's the difference between meltdowns, sensory overload and panic attacks? Because, today, like most days, I experienced what I thought was a panic attack but lately I've been thinking it might be sensory...
  9. S

    I had another meltdown today..

    Yesterday was rough, i had one of the worst meltdowns since i was a child and today while in class these kids were banging and screaming through a window outside the class and it just got too much for me, i put my noise cancelling headphones on but it was too late, i couldnt stop pacing...
  10. Highway Cowboy

    More sensitive to noise

    I'm a 47 year old Aspie Trucker, husband and father. Just lately I'm noticing that I have become alot more sensitive to noise. The worst one for me is other people eating. I seem to be hypersensitive to the sound of people chewing food and drinking. It absolutely drives me mad to the point I...
  11. thickpeen

    snow and sensory issues

    Don't know if this is the right forum to post this in but I figured I might as well ask. It's been snowing all day where I am and whenever it snows, it's incredibly hard for me to do anything because the light reflecting off of it is more overwhelming for me than for the NTs in my life. I...
  12. Gummi27

    STORYTIME - Sensory Battlefield 01

    Today, I have a mission! ... and after gearing up in a hat, hoodie and sunglasses, I feel just safe enough to step out that door. I walk quickly. I know I have 2 crosswalks, a bus ride and 6 more busy street crossings between here and my appointment downtown. The bus is very loud and bumpy. I...
  13. LemonBoy

    I want to propose to my aspie boyfriend in the future, help?

    He can't wear rings, and he can't wear necklaces that are metal, does anyone know of a place that makes soft necklaces that i might be able to attach a ring onto? i want to make sure that he is comfortable, i love and care for him so much. Thank you to those who help!
  14. SomeRandomAspie

    Shutdown leading to a meltdown?

    So this question probably doesn't require any background but I'll give it some. Yesterday I had a dentist appointment. It wasn't a huge deal on its own of course. So my brother, mother, and I went to the dentist and got that out of the way. Afterwards we needed to go to the store. It was at...
  15. Amy B

    Work Problems

    Hi Everyone, I am going through such a nightmare and would normally never open up about it to anyone except maybe a couple of family members. But I thought someone here may have some good advice for me and I might be able to eventually help someone else with that information, so here goes: I'm...
  16. D

    Issues with loud or agitated music?

    Hello! I've just recently realized that I'm an aspie and these past weeks have been filled with revelations. One of them was the whole sensory sensitivity aspect, I've always had low tolerance to loud noises, bright lights, crowded places, stores and so on. But there's one thing in particular...
  17. Mary Anne

    Sensory Overload: Leaving my job in the mental health field

    I am leaving due to two things: my sensory processing issues have severely increased in the work environment and there can be no accommodations. Another is the high cost and anxiety of an enormous daily commute by car on a low salary. I will be leaving behind people with challenges who need...
  18. Mary Anne

    What kind of aspie work ?!?!

    All I want to do (or can do) is hyper focus and be a studio fine artist up it’s not financially or remotely possible. Back in the 1980s, I was a professional artist who created illustrations, animations, and advertising for corporations (pre computer society). I did not have to deal with...
  19. Mary Anne

    Where can a 61 year old Woman get diagnosed in the USA?

    Hi, I have always had sensory processing disorder, but have never been diagnosed. It’s causing me to lose my job, which I desparetely need. Plus, I just want to finally be officially diagnosed. How can an older person get diagnosed and how much does it cost? Thank you.
  20. WereBear

    Announcing a successful exhaustion negotiation

    Evening before last, I was watching something silly with Mr WereBear, and he was showing me something on his tablet, and I was feeling myself withdrawing. This isn't usual; I treasure my time with him. But I realized it was a sign of sensory overload. This is a huge breakthrough for me. Prior...
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